Superb Sunday Siesta & Sojourns!

Last Update: May 15, 2022

Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I woke up early today and was just starting with my normal Wealthy Affiliate Community morning run-through, when I almost immediately received a call to go unlock a car.

I took that opportunity to capture some images of the new morning that I was allowed to wake up to! (above) Weirdly, we were supposed to have had heavy thunder showers for half of the day, but they had not appeared at this time. More later in this post about that!

The drive over and back was pleasant enough. I got the unlock job completed and pocketed $55 cash. Not a bad start for the day at all!

Taking a step back to yesterday evening, after I posted, Monica had called me because her back door would not close. I rode over there on the motorcycle and replaced a defective latch.

I also got to visit with her for about an hour and a half! I had too, because I knew I wasn't going to see her today, because the PSD's graduation was today (even though she actually graduated in December early. There would be NO time for me today!

When I reluctantly left her to go back to the eBay house, I stopped by the 15th street locksmith house and picked up the weedeater!

Then, I went home and "cut" the lawn down with it since Sylvester has been lax about getting to the yard!

Now, back to today:

My Wealthy Affiliate research today consisted of refining certain things concerning my book promotion website.

Kitty actually showed up for this portion of the day. I have two posts I am almost finished with writing for the new site!

She did not stay long because the forecast thunderstorm rolled in and drenched us! I heard the changes outside, but it was the Blog Dogs' barking which especially alerted me to this.

Fortunately, the "mini-storm" lasted only 5, maybe 10 minutes!

When it stopped, I opened the door again, and not long after that, the Blog Dogs were riled up again, barking their heads off!

I moved them out of the way and discovered a loose dog that looked a LOT like them by the tree in the front yard!

Above is the image of this dog! Eventually, it went away, and calm was restored! A short time later, the sun reappeared, but the day has been much cooler since the refreshing "bath" we received today!

Even a squirrel came out, and the birds were chirping and busy again!

It was now time for some much-needed food, and since I seem to only eat once a day, I decided to make another hamburger!

This meant that the Blog Dogs would be zealously eating again too!

Then, since the weather was better, I had a quick errand to run!

As you can see, as I was returning to the eBay house, the weather had vastly improved!

When I got back, I talked on the phone to my buddy, Kevin, up in Nebraska! He is a foreman tonight, so that is the only time I can talk to him. Right after that, I talked to my mother on the phone too!

As the day progresses, I took a couple more images of the day too!

Now, I am settling back into finishing this blog post!

The rest of the evening will be spent on the computer, finishing off those site blog posts, talking on the phone to friends, and eventually relaxing a little too!

On another note, there is a distinct possibility that I will be having lunch with not one, but two Wealthy Affiliate members as they pass through Kansas on their way back home! They are, of course, husband and wife! If the visit comes to fruition, then there will be a lot to post about on Monday!


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Jessiefido Premium Plus
Sounds like you had a very good end to Frisatsu there Jeffrey!

Great news catching a quick morning job and even better that the temperature dropped off significantly after a nice storm!

And as for mowing the lawn... well I won't go there on this occasion! 😅

I hope that you have/or maybe had a great lunch with some fellow members and enjoy the rest of your day my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I did, indeed, Nick!

The weather was quite excellent too. It was nice to catch one of the two calls. The other was too far out of town.

Yep, I got it done easy PZ, Nick!

Yes, I just got finished with aobut a 2.5 hour chat and lunch at La Fiesta! I'll post about it soon!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
That's great Jeff! Send me a quick thunderstorm over here if you can... the grass definitely needs some moisture and it is way too hot for 11pm in the middle of May!!

La Fiesta is a Mexican joint if I remember correctly...

Lots of tacos, burritos, fajitas and beer (maybe) were had by all I guess!!

I need to try to sleep in this heat.. so catch up with you soon my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
We were hot here too, Nick! Some suds took care of that though!🙄
Actually, we all had iced water for a change, and we ate some pretty good food though.

A GREAT time was had by all!

Try and sleep well, my friend! 😴

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Hahaha! Iced water!! That's a good one Jeff!

Happy to hear that the food was good and everyone had a great time my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Don't worry, Nick! I had my customary beers later in the day!🍺🙄

It is the BEST experience that I have had in a long while! It was my honor and pleasure to have been able to meet them!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Haha! I don't doubt any of what you have said here my friend!🤣

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
😹🍺 Glad to hear that, Nick!

QiMindset Premium Plus
I hope you're visit with a couple of WA members happens, Jeff! That sounds like some random fun!

Great to start the day making money!👍

A 10 minute storm is perfect to freshen everything up, but not ruin the day, very nice!

Looks like your new site is gaining momentum! I look forward to the launch🚀

The wedding I was going to, well, we never got there. My wife had a panic attack on the way and we had to turn around.

Good luck on your WA guests, and keep on thriving!!

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I hope so too, Al! It will be some good fun and an excellent way to start off the new day.

I was glad to catch the easy job. I got another call later in the day from a Realtor, but the subdivision I had never heard of and the job was too far away for me to make it there. You win some, you lose some.

That storm was very nice, indeed, and afterwards everything remained cool and pleasant.

I hope to get a few things tweaked on the site in the coming days, and then transfer it to a non-siterubix site. The we will see how it does.

Sorry to hear aobut your wife. I hope she is okay, my friend.

I'm both nervous and excited about the impending lunch and meeting them, Al. We will see how it goes.

Keep thriving too, my friend!

Zoopie Premium
Your town reminds me of New Zealand with 4 seasons in one day. There was even a song about it. got it…4 seasons in one day. Lol.
I thought you had kitty signed up for the lawns. I guess she is slacking.
We even have squirrels in Vietnam, or at least I saw one running along the phone lines ( not underground, lol ) from the gym a few years ago.

Sounds like you will be having a WAnderful lunch.

JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Stevoi, Kitty sure NEEDS to mow the lawn to get some exercise!🙀
Yes, it was certainly a weird weather day today, but very nice, all the same.

I'm glad to hear that there are squirrels in Vietnam, as well!

I certainly hope I get to have a WAnderful lunch! You can bet there will be a post on that one, my friend!

I hope you have an excellent start to the new week, my friend!

west2000 Premium
There's always something interesting going on in your neck of the woods, Jeff. Good that you got to go over and see M for a while. Nice that you got a call for an unlock, too! I like those animal must have been pandemonium when the other pooch showed up on the lawn. He looks like he's searching for retreat from the rain. Expecting a t-storm here later this evening and then it'll cool back down. Now how did another Sunday night appear...

Susan 🌛
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I try to keep it interesting, Susan! It was nice to see M, yesterday. Didn't get to see or hear from her today though.

The unlock was a pleasant surprise. I did have to turn down a job out of town later though.

Pandemonium is putting it lightly! The dogs were going CRAZY at the door. he probably got out of someone's yard!

Sunday nights seem to be appearing often since the weeks are WHIZZING by!

FKelso Premium Plus
Lucky you, living in a state that people have to cross to get to somewhere else. Wonder if I'll ever meet any WA folks?

Have spent most of the day trying to get my new videos onto YT. Got one of them up, but now have something else to learn...they are sized too big and I have to figure out how to get them smaller. Tried doing the second one and was told there wasn't room because the first file was so big. Sigh! Someone will know the answer.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Well, Fran. You know all about Kansas too. I live aobut 20-30 miles from the geographic center of the 48 contiguous states.

You'd be surprised, I remember posts of yours where people would be commenting on coming to visit.

You bet someone will know the answer, and you will end up being successful again, as you always seem to be. Well done.

Have a pleasant evening and an excellent start to the new week.