Superb Sunday, and A Great Time was Had by All Saturday night!

Last Update: October 18, 2020

Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Besides my usual computer routine, I arrived at the eBay house very early on this overcast and chilly day in Kansas to again tackle some more straightening up and throwing out of useless things. After all, Monica had to work anyway, so I figured I would be a little more productive at taking care of some things which I had been putting off for quite some time!

As the two images above show, it is very windy and chilly in Kansas this morning, so now is an ideal time to do some more indoor work!

I will keep abreast of Wealthy Affiliate activities, while at the same time getting up periodically to get some more work done! I did not see the Blog Dogs again this morning, but I'm not worried. They will show themselves at some point, I am sure! I just might not be today, depending upon when I arrive home--which will likely be late if I get on a roll!

I didn't see them when I stopped by in the afternoon to grab a bite. Monica was still at work, but lo and behold in the kitchen, there was Tig-tig. She had been curiously absent when I left the house this morning at the same time Monica did!

This was unusual for her to be on the stove! I have never seen her up there before, but it is not surprising at all to me.

Maybe she was planning to cook for me, knowing that I was coming home. Somehow, I highly doubt THAT!

Anyway, I was done and gone in a flash!

I still had many goals I wished to accomplish before the new work week begins!

So there was really no time to waste!

When I left, I still did not see the Blog Dogs, but I heard music emanating from the bedrooms, so I assumed that is where they were!

I went back to the eBay house to continue loading one of my old vans with some junk to take to the dump!

When I got home a little while ago, I did not see the Blog Dogs, but since it is late, they are probably sleeping the bedrooms again! Well better luck for me next time!

Oh, and before I forget, here is Monica last night with Jake Gill, the singer we went to watch!

We had a GREAT time!


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Jon456 Premium
I’m glad you are enjoying your self Jeff I need to do the same thing with getting rid of stuff. I’ve thought about starting an eBay store just haven’t got around to it yet. Great post my freind glad you are doing well.
All the best ,
JeffreyBrown Premium
Well done, Jonathon. I've had an eBay store for a long time, and I have done really well in the past. I need to ramp up the store again, but I have to get more organized before I do so!

Wow great pic, looks like it was a good night out. Tig-Tig on the stove. I think they are there all the time but not when we are looking. I often get that look from Walter to say "you caught me". Walter is my cat my the way not my random neighbour popping in. Have a great week Jeff, Phil
JeffreyBrown Premium
Thank you, Phil! Walter sounds really cool--thank goodness, he is your cat, and not a random neighbor like Kramer on Seinfeld!🙄
You have a great new week as well, my friend!

laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Jeffrey,

That sounds like a great outing. I suppose Monica has completely recuperated? We had 4 friends over for lunch in the patio on Saturday. A nice 23C, just right. They do not allow bigger gatherings.
Here the new week has started. Hopefully, some rain on Wednesday, let us see what happens.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

JeffreyBrown Premium
Awesome, Taetske! That sounds wonderful, and after seeing your patio in the pictures, it makes visualizing it in my mind even easier!

I hope your new week is one of the best ones yet!

JKulk1 Premium
Great to see the smile on Monica's face
JeffreyBrown Premium
Indeed, it is, Jim! She has been in so much pain (as you can relate), and I think I have been a part of the problem, as well, so the smile on her face was music to my eyes!

Have a GREAT new week!

james5273 Premium
I'm glad you and Monica had a great time!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Much appreciated, James! You and me both, my friend! Enjoy your new week!