Sunday Seems So Serene, Silent, & Satisfying!

Last Update: Oct 2, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Monica actually woke me up with her call this morning! I guess I just wasn't feeling up to waking up at that point. Her call though, got me motivated enough to get up!

Kitty was even there for a brief moment before Monica called. She is always a big help to me when I am doing my morning work on the computer.

We only talked for about 30 minutes, but it made my entire day so far! We take motivation where we can get it.

I jumped into the Wealthy Affiliate Community with renewed vigor. When I got finished with that, while chatting with my mom who called, I went outside and captured some new images of the day (including the title image).

We were at a nice 71 degrees when the images were captured.

It has been another slow day, but also a very good day too! I cannot complain!

My current paperback version of Monica: A Love Story, is still in the "publishing phase". so there is no telling what that means, but the worst case scenario is that I will be on the phone with Amazon first thing in the morning.

Then, it was time for me to start working on some more Wealthy Affiliate research, which entailed at least starting another blog post on my book promotion website.

There is always more that I can do here in regard to furthering my goals! I am doing my best to get another blog post done here too!

When I worked on that a little while, it was then time for me to feed the Blog Dogs their main meal of the day!

They enjoyed it as usual! Sorry for the bad image. It is currently beyond my control!

I got a call from my buddy Kevin on the way to work at the railroad. We talked for about 30 minutes about what he is having to go through. I don't think that any of us are immune from what everyone must be going though in this world that we are currently living in.

I sat at the picnic table when we were talking. The temperate weather was still cooperating!

I would be surprised if we made it to 80 degrees today. Stranger things have happened before though. All I can say is that the weather has been very cooperative today.

That has made this day a very good one, indeed!

I still have a lot of things which I wish to accomplish today, and if I just get a fraction of them done, then I will feel like a complete success! All we have to do, when we want to accomplish our tasks is to persevere, and more importantly, exercise patience!

This might sound hard on the face of it, but it is actually fairly easy! All that we have to do is to quit making excuses, and simply put our noses to the grindstone!

It is truly that simple! Hard work will pay off, but you also need patience and perseverance to keep you going too!

We never know what each new day will bring, but then again, we also do not know if we will be around for the next day, either!

That is why each new day that we are allowed to wake up to, is oh so very important, indeed! We should work every single day that we are allotted, because we are not guaranteed another!

The rest of my evening, barring me going over to the warehouse, will be spent on the computer--be it in the Wealthy Affiliate Community, writing in one of my manuscripts, or working on my book promotion website. I will still be hanging around!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hey, Jeff

There’s ALWAYS something else to be done, no matter how much you accomplish, so I take things slow but steady, whenever possible.

We should look at all we have done and not the other way around!

Now you have a brand new week to do more. 😎

Frank 🎸

Good advice, Frank! I'll keep that in mind, my friend!

You are right, it is best to reflect on our past achievements to drive us forward into new ones!


Not an action packed end to your Frisatsu Jeffrey but at least you managed to accomplish quite a bit!!

Make the most of the temperatures while you can my friend and have a fabulous start to the week!


Actually, I went to Monica's, helped do yardwork, and ate a nice dinner she made and enjoyed her and the younger kids' company, Nick!

I guess I did make the most of the temps, and that is important too!


Wow! That's fantastic Jeff!

Your end to Frisatsu turned out much better than I originally thought!

And good job on making the most of the nice weather my friend!


It did, indeed, Nick! It only goes to show what a difference a day makes!

I am going to make the most of whatever nice weather that we have remaining, my friend!


One day can certainly make a big difference Jeffrey!


It certainly can, Nick!

I hope you are having an excellent HUMP day!🐫


Hi Jeff,

What a beautiful place and surroundings you live at! 😍 I like reading what you get up to. It’s great to have animal friends as well as connections with human ones.

All the best with your book promotion and everything else,

Maria 😊

Thank you, Maria! The Furry assistants sure make things very interesting!

I will keep plugging along, my friend!

I hope all is well with you and yours! Have an excellent new week!


Thank you so much and… likewise, my friend. 😊

You're very welcome, Maria, and I will!


Yes, when we stop making excuses we seem to get a lot more accomplished, don't we? I've had some strong revelations come to me over this weekend so a lot will be changing in addition to my spouse moving out of our home after 27 years together. I am feeling a little lost--oh, who am I kidding? I feel very lost. But I still have my granddaughter to take care of and the bills won't pay themselves, so no excuses! Just a lot of tears!

I am glad Monica has been helpful in motivating you! It helps to have that important person.

Take care, Jeff, and I hope you have a great week!


Karin, we are all prone to excuses--some good, some not-so-good. Hang in on your current tribulations. You will come throguh with flying colors. When Monica and I separated it was and still is hard, but you had a lot more time with your spouse, but then I've had one die, and another nasty divorce , both occuring after several years.

We do what we must, and your Grandchild depends on you, and isn't that a wonderful thing?

You will persevere, but it takes time, and things will fall into place however they are supposed to!




Have an excellent new week, Karin!


You had the weather I would have liked but we seem to be getting the remnants of Ian. I'm not complaining. Ironically, a few families that are friends of mine JUST moved down to FL right in Ian's path. It's truly awful down there now. I've seen pix and it's the worst I've ever seen it. SO, I won't complain about chilly, rainy weather. I just wish it would stop before I have to pack the car for NY. I may have to pack between raindrops. My garage is my "storage facility" so my car is outside. 😣

Have a good week!!!


I hope you stay dry while you are packing the car, Debbi! I also hope your friends who moved to Fla. did not suffer any major damage!

Enjoy your new week, as well!


I'll try to squeeze between the drops.

Friends are doing OK physically but haven't lot. One JUST got there so pretty unprepared. They were all saying how happy they were to now live in "paradise" just last week. You just never know what tomorrow will bring.

Off to yoga........then pack.



I'm glad they are doing okay! Hopefully things get better all around. Have a safe trip to PRNY! Enjoy the new week ahead!


Thanks. You too.

You're welcome, Debbi, and I will!


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