Sunday Seemed So Serene, Satisfying, & Supremely Successful!

Last Update: May 28, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I woke up earlier than expected, and though I still felt a bit tired, and not totally up to snuff, another day had begun.

Mine started as it does any new day with a foray into the vibrant Wealthy Affiliate Community.

This time around, Kitty popped in to sniff around a bit and provide some companionship. I always appreciate her company when she lends it.

This will likely be a shorter post than usual since I am a bit tired today. Nevertheless, I will try to continue doing what I have been doing.

Between calls from Monica, and my mother, I finally completed the bulk of the morning foray,

It was then that I decided to take quick couple of images of the new day.

Supposedly, we will make it into the 80s today, but the clouds have been winning the battle over the sun for most of the day.

Still, it seems like it will be a good day overall. I won't go out and enjoy much of it though, since I am very tired, unless that changes.

Once back inside, I jumped into some more editing of my Kindle Vella Story #1 eBook project.

If all goes well, the editing should be completed by this evening, although I do need some time away from the computer because of eye strain. That will likely be the only Wealthy Affiliate research done on this day. Maybe I might finally catch a second wind though.

Kevin didn't call today on his way to work--he might be off today, I talked to him last night, but can't remember what he said about that.

Of course, I know he has been busy since around noon he sent two images to me that he is going to post to Facebook, and perhaps other places concerning his van being broken into. He is a man on a mission, and I wish him well. (The one above is one of them).

Even though I was not hungry, I knew that I needed something to eat, so I toasted 2 pieces of bread and spread crunchy peanut butter on them. I barely got them to go down, but a little later, I did feel a bit more refreshed.

I'm probably tired from all the excitement I had seeing Monica last night.

Of course, we had gone to Sonic again.

We ran a quick errand or two.

Then went to Tommy William's shop next to my warehouse complex. He welded Monica's windmill top that has been over there for about 2 years, so she got to take it home. He is at the top of the image by the pole, where Monica is watching the progress.

She also just called again, and her and I are on the phone, as I am putting the finishing touches on this post.

It also started raining too, but it is, so far, a light rain, although there might be severe weather tonight.

If it stays like this, that is fine, but I am tired of the severe weather we get here at times.

For the rest of the evening, I'll be on the computer doing more editing and working in the WAC, and likely checking out some news!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


It rained here today, for a while really hard. Got my post published and started writing Wednesday's, as it will be from Lucinda.

Not much else happening...quiet day. It was so cold and nasty out that Mocha didn't even want to spend much time in the catio.

Now it's almost time for bed.

Despite the rain, Fran,it seems like you got a lot done.

Sunday was a day that I did not feel like doing much, though I still got some goals accomplised. The editing, for one thing, was completed.

That was a clear image of the person that Kevin has. I wonder how he got that so clear?

The person may be dyeing his hair ( if not cutting it) and changing his looks at this point!

Just take a good rest Jeffoi! I must be rubbing off my low energy to you as well!

Enjoy a relaxing evening Jeffoi!

Maria 🌹

Easy, he had a $1,000 alarm system with state of the art cameras on board, Marioi!

Hopefully, he will be caught with facial recognition! We shall see!

I plan to have a relaxing and productive evening! You do the same!


But the culprit can still outsmart Kevin by changing his image, cutting his hair, change its color, etc.

Hopefully he’s dumb enough not to do it!

I hope he gets caught since he was dumb enough to do what he was doing in broad daylight.

Hahahaha! Then he will get caught! Dumbo!!!😂🤣😅

I'll keep everyone apprised, Marioi!

Thank you Jeffoi!

Have a great Memorial Day celebration!

Maria 🌹

I'm just having a few beers with friends while talking on the phone, Marioi! I did see Monica this morning too before she went to work!

Enjoy yours too!


Be safe and enjoy your Memorial Day celebration Jeffoi!

Maria 🌹

I will be alone, but I will do the best that I can, Marioi!


I could have invited you over for a BBQ Jeffoi!

That's okay, Marioi! It's the thought that counts, there is no possible way that I could make it over there!


Sounds like you need to get a bit of rest and relaxation in Jeff...

We can all get burnt out if we don't my friend... maybe something a bit healthier to eat as well... I hear that salads are quite good!!

Take care buddy and enjoy the rest of your evening ok!!


I took a nap, Nick, and salads might be good, but no DL to go get them right now, also, I have plenty of other things to eat here.

I will continue editing and working on other projects right now!

Enjoy your evening too!


Happy to hear you got a quick nap in Jeff but how long is the DL situation going to continue?

Keep up the great work buddy and enjoy a wonderful start to the new week!


It'll go as long as it takes for me to get a response from the state!

It would renew next month anyway since it was going to expire.

I will keep going like I have been--one day at a time!


Best of luck with that buddy and keep on keeping on as always!


It is all that I can do, Nick!




At least you had an O-K day. It's a good thing that Tommy is doing the right thing by taking pictures of this guy in green.

Have a peaceful sleep tonight, Jeff. :)

Myra 💜

It was okay, Myra! I ended up taking a nap and now feel better.

Kevin did the right thing concerning the burglar!

I plan to sleep peacefully tonight! You have a pleasant evening!


Buuuzzzinggaaaarrr from Spain!!!!

Slavka was a smidge a head of you, Nick, but claim your consolation prize below!


Much appreciated my friend, every bit helps!


Spain, Nick?
A well-deserved vacation?





Every vacation in well deserved in my book Slavka!!


Enjoy Nick, to the fullest.

Cut 🍻 with one 🍹 for me.😁

Enjoy 🌞

Thanks my friend and I certainly will do!!


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