Supremely Satisfying Saturday's Successful Sojourns!

Last Update: Sep 25, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Today started with some light rain, but eventually resulted in high eighties temps and beautiful skies with moderate winds to keep things cooler.

My normal routine of deep diving into the Wealthy Affiliate Community went off without a hitch!

Kitty was, once again, present, and that was a big help just knowing that she was around.

I took a break after all that, and went outside to capture a couple of images of the new day, including the title image. I hope they show up properly!

What a difference 1.5 hours make!

After the rain, it was shaping up to be an excellent day!

I have spent most of my time today on the phone with friends and Monica, who is at work, but is bored!

I even caught an image of Rocky the squirrel running away too!

Then it was time to buckle down and get some more Wealthy Affiliate research done.

This entailed not only one more blog post for my book promotion website, but also transferring my site from siterubix to its regular domain.

I still have to add some links on my personal profile page so that people can find it, but I am stoked that it seems to have worked! We shall see though.

I have also come a lot closer to finishing my latest book! It should be on schedule to be finished tomorrow.

I made lunch after that.

Then I mixed some leftovers in with the Blog Dogs' main meal too!

Of course, they scarfed it down, as usual! What a surprise! NOT!!

Then Monica called 2 times again, and we chatted some more. I had already talked to Kevin on his way to work. When I was finished with her two calls, I also called Tommy Williams at the warehouse, and will join him over there when I get this post done.

When I am done at the warehouse having more political arguments with him, I will be back to the eBay house to work some more on my latest book, and also because my Kansas State Wildcats will be playing #6 Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma in college football! I'm not sure how good we will do, but I hope it will be a good game!

I will post this blog post I am finishing up soon, and it might be a bit before I can respond to any comments depending upon when I leave the warehouse!

Then it will be game time, and shortly thereafter, I will be back on the computer.

Don't you just hate it when the days seem to literally fly by? That is what this Saturday portion of Frisatsu has done! Nevertheless, I am very excited with a lot of the progress that I have made today, so I would not do anything differently!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Sounds like you had a decent Saturday portion in the end Jeffrey!

Great work transferring your site over to your own domain... wasn't too tricky was it!!

I hope that you have a nice relaxing Sunday portion my friend!!


Thanks, Nick. I did, especially since my team beat #6 Oklahoma at their field, and knocked them out of the Top 25 rankings altogether.

You were right, it wasn't. Thanks for the encouragement.

Sunday will be relaxing in that, I will likely remain at the computer off and on most of the day getting the book finished an published--at least as an ebook at first.

I hope that your Sunday portion has been going well too!


Great news that your team won Jeff, but... I am a little confused about how a team ranked number 6 can lose one game and drop out of the top 25 though!!

Encouraging each other is what we do!!

Well... have a relaxing day working on your book my friend!!

It has been a relaxing one here, and I even managed to grab that elusive nap this afternoon too!!


It was because they were beaten from an unranked team, Nick, and the Top 25 are undeafeated usually!

Yes, we always seem to encourage.

Sounds like your day has gone the way it is supposed to!


Mmm... so the top 25 teams never play each other then Jeff??

And for once my Sunday portion DID turn out the way it was supposed to my friend!!

I hope that yours did too!!


Rarely unless they are in the same division. Nick. There are 130 teams in NCAA Division I-A football, divided into 10 conferences, with six teams playing as independent. So you can see with about 10 games in a season for each time, it is highly unlikely.

I'm glad that you finally had a Great Sunday portion.

Mine turned out alright, thanks!


Cheers Jeffrey... that makes things a little clearer!!

Happy to hear that yours turned out well as well my friend!


I'm glad to hear that, Nick!

I am happy too, but Monday has started out very slowly in the money department! I shall persevere though!


That's all we can do my friend.. I hope things pick up on the monetary front for you!!


Yes, indeed, Nick! With the economy failing fast here, I likely won't be able to touch what little of my investments are left either!


Things will improve my friend... keep the faith!


I'm doing my best to keep the Faith, Nick!


Hi Jeff, your days go so quick because you`re so busy every day. My days are spent on the site seeing what I can tweak to improve it and then a movie or gaming in the evening with a couple tins of beer. Isn`t Monica interested in WA as a side line? There must be something she is passionate about other than you, Hehe. Nice to see Kitty lounging about and not a dagger in her eyes, and the blog dogs are fat and full. Not too sure about the meal though, looked like roadkill, (joking) lol. Let's hope your team wins eh! Have a great day, take care.

Hey, Brian!

I have to keep busy, otherwise, I won't get any money flowing in. Monica isn't interested in WA at all. It is above her understanding and interest, sadly. Oh there are a lot of things she is passionate about, but I am not one of them, hence our separation. The Furry assistants are just "living the dream".

Spanish rice with chili peppers and cheese. It was better than it looked, but then that was the second time it was reheated too.

My team was victorious and they upset the #6 team in the nation at their place. They were knocked out of the top 25 altogether.

Have an excellent Sunday portion of Frisatsu!


Thanks Jeff. You to.

I will, Brian! Much appreciated!


Your photos are looking good even though they are limited in size now. Maybe that is the future of images on WA posts from now on.

It's great to read about the success you are experiencing with your books!

I have been reading most of your daily messages, and sorry I haven't gotten around to answering each one. Today is my best one for a long time! I could do with some of Rocky's energy, lol!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Jeff.


Thank you, Valerie, and you might just be right! I liked it much better the other way though, but you know as well as I do that change is constant!

I'm encouraged about the books. The success I have is getting them out there, and with release of my website to its new domain, now comes the tedious work of getting traffic to it, so that the monetary success can begin!

I'm sorry to hear that you have not been feeling very energetic. I hope that everything is alright.

I will pray for you to be energized like Rocky.😌🙏

Enjoy your day!


Hi Jeff, I just to catch up and thank you for prayers. I'd love to be energized like Rocky but not sure that will happen. My problem is osteoarthritis which will never leave me but I'm doing my best to take the upper hand! 🙏

Have a great weekend and I hope to catch up again next week, or sooner!

I'll continue to pray the the pain eases up, Valerie!

Stay as energized as you can, my friend! I hope to have an excellent Frisatsu (weekend) Happy Frisatsu to you, as well!


Looks like a great day and lots off progress, Jeff!

I'm excited to read your newest book!

I'll check it your book promotion sure as well.

Sounds like it's live! Congrats!! I know you've been working long and hard on that. I wish you all the success in the world!

Stay well, my friend! Go Kansas State! I see they're up 2 touchdowns as I'm writing. Let's hope for an upset!

Keep on thriving!


It was, indeed, Al!

I am also excited about my latest book too! This one means A LOT to me, my friend!

It is live, but I need to do some tweaks to my personal profile page!

I certainly appreciate your well wishes!

K-State leads 24-17 at the half!

You keep thriving too!


Jayhawks Crushed OU!

No, Al, The Kansas State Wildcats did that, although the Kansas Jayhawks are having a phenomenal season so far!

Hooe all is going well, and Keep Thriving, my friend!


My bad! Glad they won though!

No worries, Al! I am glad that they did too!

Enjoy your Sunday portion of Frisatsu!


Hi Jeff
Almost kickoff time. You're going to need some miracles against Oklahoma, but there have been a couple top 25 that lost today. Texas and U of Miami went down today. So fingers crossed. I'm a big USC fan since the OJ days... old.... guy OG I am yes. Have a great rest of the day.

Thanks, David. The game seems to be going good right now, but it is close! We shall see how it goes!


Jeff it looks like another top 25 goes down. Congrats on K State. I never liked Oklahoma football.

That QB can pass and run! Go Martinez!
Another one bites the dust!

He was Nebraska's starting QB for 4 years! We were lucky to have grabbed him!

Very appropriate, indeed, David! 😎👍

Heck, Oklahoma fell completely out of the Top 25 with that loss, David!

I liked Oklahoma in the late 80s and Early 90s.

My Trojans barely got by Oregon State. State was 3-0 too before yesterday. Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia and Michigan look to be top 4 all year.

That still remains to be seen. David! There have been some huge upsets already this year, my friend!


Ah, yes, Saturday...mine has been productive and busy. My son was here for dinner last night, which was sweet...especially since he brought steaks and cooked them for us.

I've been spending lots of time on the YT project...finally got all 49 video titles corrected, and now working on the description part, which has to have a bunch of links added. Thank goodness, Marion helped me with I've mastered Pretty Links, and one of the things I have to do is to make a Pretty Link to go on each video so folks can travel directly to the page where the product lives. I have 10 of them done thus far. Now that I have a system down, the rest should go fast. Would like to have them finished by tomorrow evening, but I also have to write a post to publish tomorrow. Maybe so, maybe not. That being said, think I will go do a couple more, before time to feed Mocha. Then going to Bunco tonight...might as well do something mindless for the evening.

That sounds awesome, Fran. I'm glad you had dinner with your son. That is awesome.

You've been a busy beaver today. Very well done, my friend! Well done.

Have a pleasant evening.


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