Suddenly Serene Siesta Sunday Sojourns!

Last Update: Sep 25, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I slept a little late this morning after the football game last night, probably a result of the couple of beers I enjoyed after the thrilling upset that Kansas State perpetrated on #6 Oklahoma.

I got right down to business within the Wealthy Affiliate Community, since I did very little in it last night. This actually took quite some time because I had around 70 plus posts to peruse.

Kitty showed up a while later, but did not seem too interested in what I was doing. That's alright, at least she was there for a bit.

I also worked periodically on my recent book between reading and answering the WAC posts. That keeps my mind fresh.

I had to put in a ticket to Site Support, because even though I thought I had transferred my book promotion website from Siterubix to my domain, I apparently did not even though I had received a success banner when I had done it yesterday.

So, we shall see how that progresses from here on out.

I finally took a break and captured a few images of the new day, including the title image.

It was shaping up to be a very nice day, indeed! The only problem was that I had a LOT to do indoors at the computer, so that was a bit frustrating.

No matter though, because I'll get outside when Kevin calls on his way to work at the railroad. In the meantime, I kept working on my latest book.

I also checked back, and Site Support seems to have done its job once again!

They are the absolute best! Now, I can work on updated my Personal Profile page.

There are still a few hiccups there, but those are housekeeping chores that I have to do concerning clearing my cache, etc. I have updated my Personal Profile page now and for me it still doesn't work, but in an incognito window it did. Just bear with me!

The writing is going steadily, but I might not have the book published today, but it will not be long.

The above activities have been an integral part of my Wealthy Affiliate research today. These activities will be ongoing at various parts of the day.

I took time to feed the Blog Dogs!

They have been outside and will be outside a few more times, thus allowing them to enjoy the phenomenal sunny weather in the mid 70s! I give up on the images for right now. They might show up on mobile, but not too well on my desktop!

Above is an image that does show up, at least a lot better!

Monica worked a lot earlier today, and she had called me a couple of times from work. She should be off by now, and I hope she has a pleasant evening with the kids. I might get to see her, and I might not, that will be up to her.

If I do see her, I will make the time, and if not, I will try to stay in the zone I am in right now!

Barring that, or any other surprises, I will be taking breaks occasionally, and will be on the computer working on the book and also working on my book promotion website!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


There's absolutely nothing wrong with a lie in on a Sunday Jeff... a couple of beers???

I am surprised that transferring your site didn't work for you in the end, more gremlins in the system maybe??

But at SiteSupport got you sorted!

Have a great start to the new week my friend!!


Yes, perhaps 2 X 2, but still, not bad!

I'm not. I had tried it before, and it gave me the all good banner, but then it was not. That's how it goes sometimes!

Site Support, whcih would have been my first choice, worked!

So far, it is a slow start, but that's okay because I'm still alive!

I hope that yours is starting well too!


Not bad at all Jeff!🍻

Never had that problem myself, but hey.. it's all good now!!

I woke up as well, so that has to go down as a good start to the week my friend!!


Sometimes things don't work out as designed for whatever reason, Nick!

It is done, and we both woke up, so that has already been an excellent day!


Absolutely my friend!!


I've even awakened today too, so all good!


Yep! Me too my friend... just about!!


I've been awake for a while, and my eBook and paperback are submitted, and will be published soon if all passes muster with their quality checks! Whew, Nick! I think it is time to celebrate! 😎🍺

Hope your day is going well!


Nice work my friend... it's always midday somewhere Jeff, so why not!! 🍻


You bet, Nick! Cheers! 😎🍺


Cheers Buddy!!🍻🍻


Always appreciated, Nick! 😎🍺


Hi, Jeff

Sundays are for sleeping later. 😎

When you clear your internet browser cache, clear your WA server cache, too.


They are indeed, Frank! How do I clear my WA server cache?


Go to Site Manager, find the domain, and click on the link below β€œSite Plus+.”
Then click on the clear cache button.

Also, if your site speed is set to β€œaccelerated,” change it to β€œextreme.”

BUT, if you use a cache accelerator plugin, like WP Rocket, your WA site speed should be set to off.

Thanks, Frank! I'll check that out, my friend!


You bet! πŸ‘

I did it, Frank! We shall see what happens!



Clear your internet browser, too.

I have been, Frank! Thanks for all of the valuable information, my friend!

Have a GREAT start to the new week!


You too, Jeff! 😎

I'm certainly trying too, Frank!


You had a quiet day.....that's nice....Monica will be around when need be.....You're friend works in the night for railroads.....I don't how he does that......take care.....

I did, indeed, Antonietta! I hope that you did too! Yes, she will be when she wants too. I cannot worry about it too much right now.

Yes, Kevin works into the night. It is a difficult job. Take care!


Sounds like you are very busy -- and I know the feeling. Sunday is publish day. I'd barely started writing my post yesterday, as had lots of interruptions. Got it done and published about 2:30. Took me all morning. Whew! Now another is due on Wednesday, and I still have a couple days' work on the YouTube channel to do.

Working on YT, I have to have four screens up to do it all. Will be glad when it is done.

You are busy as a beaver as always, Fran, and that is one of the things that I love about you.

You will stop at nothing until you get things done, and that is the way to be.

I hope you and Mocha has an excellent start to the new week.


Don't you miss your animated signature? Have you gotten that figured out?

I do, Brenda, and so far it has not been resolved, although, I guess I could try it again! πŸ€”

I hope you have a GREAT start to the new week!


I am wondering if it’s possible to do your animated signature now or find out why it’s not working. There got to be a way to get that back.

I have migrated it to my website on a couple of posts, and ti works fine! I'll have to chec on the next post that I write here, Brenda! I'll keep you posted!


Ok. Looking forward to seeing that animated blog signature back on WA blogs.

Thank you, Brenda! I hope so too!


70 posts to get through. How do you find time for anything else?

Though, reading your posts every day I know that you do. Still, that is a lot of posts to read.


I am pretty resilient, Alex! I answer a few, then move onto something, then answer some more, and so on and so forth! It has worked for me for a while!

I hope that you have an excellent start to the new week!


You can't beat site support πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š
OMG, your dog's cute eyes ❀️


No, you certainly can't, Chigs! They are the best!

As for the Blog Dogs, I must agree!

Enjoy a successful new week!


Thanks, Jeff. Have a great productive week ahead, Jeff 😊

You're very welcome, Chigs, and you do the same, my friend!


Thanks πŸ‘πŸΌ

You're very welcome, Chigs!πŸ‘

I'm glad that everything worked out for you on site support.

Have a great evening ahead. :)


Thank you, Myra! Me too!

You have a great evening too, and an excellent new week ahead, my friend!


SiteSupport is fabulous!

Sounds like you have been very productive Jeffrey! Keep it up! Now off to finish my blog post! :)

I have, indeed, Lisa! Good luck with your Blog post!



You're very welcome, Lisa!

Enjoy an excellent start to your new week!


The blog dogs look excited and perky as you work on your new website

Thank you, Catherine! They must be anticipating all of the food they will be getting when I am successful!🐢🐢

Have an excellent new week!


Thanks Jeff, you too

You're very welcome, Catherine,and thank you! I will! I also thank you for the motivation you have given me too!


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