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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!My day started like most others with my routine morning sojourn into the rich blog posts of the vibrant members of the Wealthy Affiliate Community!I was assisted by, and perhaps hampered a little, by Kitty, who has rapidly become a tenacious assistant at the computer!When I was finished with the initial foray. I then turned my attention to some more Wealthy Affiliate research! I can never seem to get enough!Then there was also the never-ending organizing
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!HUMP day is here for many of us, and I have just completed the routine morning Wealthy Affiliate Community visit, and it was quite nice!Faithful Kitty has been assisting me this morning as has become the Norm! I'm quite certain that if Tig-Tig was around she would probably do the same!Hmm, on second thought, perhaps NOT! She's likely thinking ahead about an upcoming ski vacation!She's not the greatest skier, I am told, therefore, she will likely be res
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Another wonderful morning has arrived, and I immediately got up and tackled the normal Wealthy Affiliate Community sojourn! That's how I start the day!Kitty was busy eating during this time, since she accosted me in the kitchen verbally demanding food! Those meows could be heard for miles around, I would imagine!I also packaged a couple of items which sold on eBay so that I could get them ready for shipment by the time the postal worker made the mornin
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!This morning began like any other- a dive into the vibrant Wealthy Affiliate Community!Kitty was doing her part assisting me! I think she has grown accustomed to this!The weather is shaping up to be quite nice for this first day of the new week! The temperature here at 9:35am is already at 50 Degrees, Fahrenheit! An excellent omen, indeed!Since the morning has been a bit slow, I also got an early start on some more Wealthy Affiliate research!No day is
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I slept a little later this morning too! It felt great, and Kitty slept under the covers with me--purring away contentedly!My normal morning foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community also saw this faithful furry feline assistant waiting patiently, and eager to assist!Moreover, at least for the start of this Sunday, the sun rose (title image), and the de-leafed trees of the neighbor's yard stood to accentuate the blue skies and sparse cloud cover! (to
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Today's weather was night and day from yesterday torrid, cloud-covered affair! Ironically, the temperatures were colder though. In fact, it was in the high 20s (Fahrenheit) when the title image was taken!My morning began with coffee and a brisk run into the Wealthy Affiliate Community!Faithful Kitty was at my side for most of this, and in fact, she seemed to accompany me to the computer every time I was on it! She is definitely not on a SacCATical like
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!It is very windy today and the title image was taken as the temperature rose to 38 degrees (Fahrenheit). Besides my normal jaunt through the Wealthy Affiliate Community, I also tended to a couple of eBay items going to the same address of a repeat buyer who made a couple of purchases in the wee hours of the morning!When those were packaged up and set outside for pick-up, I then also took an early short session in my Wealthy Affiliate research quest! On
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!The image above is the sun rising into the sky from the view of the eBay house porch!I had taken a break from my normal Wealthy Affiliate Community sojourn to look at the imminent new day!While I was on the computer, Kitty was busy trying to help! With the temporary absence of Tig-Tig, she has been doubling down trying to help me keep caught-up on things!Samantha did send me a picture of Tig-Tig on this Veterans day though too, since they were out of sc
This will be short and sweet!LEST WE FORGET!In many countries around the world, armed forces veterans are being remembered and honored for services rendered to their respective countries! Many suffering permanent injury, and many more paying the ultimate price!We should always be cognizant of their selfless sacrifices! These are and were brave Men and Women all!Please take a moment today and thank a veteran!Respectfully, Jeff BrownUS Army 1985-1991
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!First, a quick addendum to yesterday's post! Around 8 pm, I went and assisted two women at a storage facility by extracting a broken key from their padlock on a U-Haul truck! They gladly paid my charge of $65 with $100 and told me to keep the change since I was a "lifesaver" in their words! That motivated me to do a lot more work into the wee hours of the morning and gave me an excellent jump-start into this new Wednesday HUMP day!Of course, it began w