Slurry Saturday Seemed So Sloppy & Super Successful!

Last Update: Dec 4, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I got up a little earlier than usual today, so that was a good thing! Of course, we were a lot colder today! I think it was in the teens temperature-wise, so the first order of business was getting a fire started in the fireplace,

With that finally done and a roaring fire in the fireplace to help keep the Blog Dogs warm, I jumped into the Wealthy Affiliate Community with my usual aplomb.

Kitty showed up too, and that is always a big help!

Sadly, the USA lost in the World Cup, but at least they made it out of group play, so that was a good thing.

My college football team won the Big 12 Championship! That was my saving grace for a day, which otherwise was a total blur since I had a few too many beers today. TCU was unbeaten 12-0 until today!

I thought I had this blog started early today, but such was not the case, so this one will be a short one.

My camera on my phone did not record over half of the images that I captured this morning, so there will not be a lot today. I might have to get a new phone--oh joy--another unexpected expense, but we all seem to have them at the most inopportune times.

I also made sure that the Blog Dogs were fed before I sat out in the truck to listen to the football game.

Of course, they ate it all up quickly! I've got to keep the furry assistants fed well!

I did not do any writing today either in the book promotion website or on my Kindle Vella Episode#8! so there was no Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day to write about. I guess that I was overdue for some rest and relaxation for today!

I might get some done this evening, since Monica called me, and I am now back among the living.

I know that today was extremely cold compared to an unseasonably warm day yesterday. We might have made it to 30 degrees as a high if we were lucky!

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will be more productive! I really need to be because there are several tasks that I want to accomplish!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hi Jeff, it is okay to have fun and relax. You are always busy working if not with your business (lock smith) you are working on WA or your books. It was time to take a break for you. Beside you probably came up with some new ideas too.

I hope that you enjoyed it because you deserve it like I said you are always working it was time. Now with that being said I will have more time because the doctor's appt are slowing down. We will hear from our lawyer next week about the lawsuit and we will go from there.

So I am hoping to be writing more now and doing more with my training and getting my content written and finishing up level 2. But I still will have my CAP training to do and I am going to figure out a schedule so I can fit everything in blocks of time. That way I know that I will be able to get everything accomplished that I need to.

I hope that Monica is doing okay and things are coming along with her and the therapy. And I also hope that the pain has eased up for her.


Thank you, Mary! You are so right about that!

I hope everything works out in your favor, my friend!

You will get everything figured out and oyu will succeed!

She is in a lot of pain, but she is getting better! I can feel it!


Hi Jeff, You are so very welcome it was my pleasure. Yes I will get it all together and when I do I just have to stick with it and no deviating from the plan. I have to do it so it comes by habit.

Yes she is getting better but like I have said she will have pain until the range of motion is back in that knee. Once that happens the pain should not be as bad for her then.

It will just ache when it is damp, raining, snowing or just about anything along those lines. That knee is going to be her weathervane from this point on.

Mary :))

Much appreciated, Mary!

Yes, they are focusing on the range of motion right now.

Yes, she will always ache, and I will ache for her!


Hi Jeff, You are so very welcome it was my pleasure. Yes I figured as such. Yes that is going to be their main focus on getting that range of motion back to where it was or better.

Yes I know how that achy feeling is only too well. But I know that you will always be by her side no matter what.


I just want them toi give her more time since she is behind on therpay by two weeks since she had an appendectomy right after he knee surgery!


You woke up all the assistants since it got warm in the house!! Ha!! So how is Santa going to give your presents this Monica gonna come and pick you up so you can give the presents to her and your step children.....I have 2 Christmas parties and can't wait.......mmmmm!!!!take care.....

He won't, Antonietta! I have fires burning in there to keep warm!

No, she won't. I will be at Ron's for Christmas again this year!

I'll bet those Christmas parties will be great fun!

Take care!


That was an impressive win Jeff. K state should crack the top 10 with a win like that. Now it's just a matter of the postseason bowl.

Personally I think they're way too many bowl games nowadays - too many to count. It's not like years ago when all the teams played only on New Year's Day 🏈

Hope you and the crew have a great Sunday 😎🐶🐱🐶

David told me that they rank #8 now, and they are likely going to the Sugar Bowl! It was a spectacular win, indeed!🏈😎🐶😹🐶

I know, but it makes for a fun season to watch, my friend!

We are having an excellent Sunday, and we hope that you are too!


It does sound as if you consumed an ale or two too many Jeffrey!!

Nice work!!🍻🍻

As long as you enjoyed yourself is the most important thing!

Have a nice relaxing Sunday portion as well my friend!


That's putting it mildly, Nick! 🙃😬

From what I remember, I think that I did enjoy myself though!

Sunday is going to be a bit productive, but will also be relaxing too! You have the same!


🤣🍻🤣🍻 Where did you find the newest member of your fleet this morning Jeff??

Not a very productive one here my friend... just taking care of the PP and watching FOOTBALL!!


It was in the driveway still! I never left! Just at with the heat on and drank and listened to the game, then watched the incredible highlight reel when I woke up later!


That's a relief then Jeff!

Back in the day I found my vehicle (or didn't) in some unexplainable places after a heavy night out!!


Same here, Nick! 🙄


Hi Jeff.

I always look forward to reading your blogs with my morning coffee. It's cold here in the UK too - your fire looks nice and welcoming! Yep, it's Sunday (again - where does the time go) so you are entitled to chill out a little today. You have special WA permission to do this heheh.

Enjoy your weekend.


Thank you very much, Paul!

It's a bit chilly here today again too!

Thanks for the permission! 😹 I'll liely still play a little catch-up today though! We shall see!

Enjoy your day! The new work week awaits, my friend!


As you probably know, the CURRENT 4-team CFP will NOT expand UNTIL 2024.....Otherwise, KSU would had clinched a Playoff spot on Saturday!!

Drat! That would have been something, Gary!


Though it is NOT a Playoff game, KSU drew Alabama for the Sugar Bowl in a Super Six New Years' Special to be played on Dec. 31 at NOON!! Congrats!!

WOW! I am sure looking forward to THAT one, Gary! Thanks for the information!


That's a fantastic fire to warm your house. I'm sure the Blog Dogs and Kitty enjoyed every moment inside, not to mention how much you would have enjoyed it, too, Jeff.

I'm pleased for you that your College football team won the Big 12 Championship. I certainly know how much that means to you and all others involved!

I hope the rest of your day went well. (I really must catch up with the time difference between our two locations within the big globe!)

All the best, Jeff.


While tending the fire can be tedious, Valerie, it is also very pleasurable, indeed--especially when the heat is FREE--I just have to put in the effort.

That victory made my entire season. They now will go to a bowl game, and if they win that, it will be the icing on the cake.

It is funny how our times are so far apart, but yet we can still communicate! You from the future to me, and me from the past to you, in essence!

Have a wonderful day!


I hope the cake gets extremely well iced!! Wow, that will be great excitement, Jeff.

A wonderful thing about time differences in this era is the power of technology! Long gone are the days of depending on mail delivery. Well, in fact, we would not be aware of each other's existence because neither did the internet exist!!
Wow, that's a mouth-full, expressed the best way possible!

Well, my Monday is not far away from ending, 4 -1/2 hours to be exact!

I hope you have a wonderful start to your new week, Jeff!

Valerie 🌞

I hope so too, Valerie! Especially since they play Alabama in the Sugar Bowl on December 31st! It should be a thrilling game!

Your mouthful said it all, Valerie! I hope that your new week is well on its way to success!

I will do my best getting things started today!


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