Simple & Solitary Sunday!

Last Update: June 20, 2021

Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Even though it is Father's Day, it remained a very quiet and simple one for me!

Of course, Monica had to work, and I still had things to do, and since her children are only my step children, there were no father's day wishes.

Tig-Tig was relaxing in the bedroom, since the temperatures were still quite high today.

I got a beautiful shot of a Blue Jay sitting on the power line at the eBay house when I arrived there this morning while it was still a little cool!

Throughout the day I visited the Wealthy Affiliate Community, but did very little else.

As promised in yesterday's blog post, I did manage to go on my motorcycle ride, as I also plan to do later on today!

As you can see, it was overcast, which after a hot day was very nice!

It was a lot of fun, and I captured some great images! The above was from Tommy's place, located next to my limestone warehouse complex.

I also took a shot of him as he was finishing up his welding! Yesterday was a hot day, just as it has been today too, so far!

Finally, I caught a wonderful image of the sun too, to wind out that day!

It always inspires me to see such a beautiful image!

Back to today, I finally heard from my son, Jack around 4:00pm, and that was nice. Nothing from any of my other grown stepchildren, which is okay, if just a little disheartening!

Then at around 5:00pm, Monica and I tried to go out and get a little enjoyment. We attempted to go to A&W for a float, but they were too crowded and after waiting in line for 20 minutes, we decided that it was time to go elsewhere!

The 'elsewhere' turned out to be a mistake, sadly! I got sick off the only thing we ordered--fries--since all we had wanted to do was go enjoy some ambiance. The fries were way over salted.

Anyway, to salvage the day, I again rode my motorcycle--over to the locksmith shop house!

The temperature cooled somewhat and I managed to get a hazy picture of the sun about 20 minutes before it set!

Shortly thereafter, I rode to the house and took a picture of the Blog Dogs enjoying the cooler evening!

It felt like the temp went down by at least 20 degrees! Shortly after that, Monica and I went driving around with the windows down listening to old '80s tunes!

Father's Day had certainly gotten a lot better in the last half of the day!


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Jessiefido Premium
All in all it seems that the end to Frisatsu turned out ok Jeff!

Sorry to hear you got a bit sick, it's best not to go back there again for the 'salad'!

Have a fabulous start to the new week my friend!

JeffreyBrown Premium
That French Fry "salad" was way too salty, Nick!😫

Jessiefido Premium
It's always a good idea to stay away from too much salt Jeff!

I'm still trying my best to educate the wife about this, but wherever we go she just has to add salt before even trying the food!🙄

JeffreyBrown Premium
I agree, and Monica is the same exact way--but even these were too salty for her!

DivineGood Premium
My dear Jeff,

I just have to compose myself
before writing this as I was a
little awestruck and I do really
feel you.

I am so sorry and at least a
simple "Happy Father's Day"
is not much to say.

Here I am spent all my day
calling and messaging all
whom I could think of just
to greet them a "Happy
Father's Day."

So now, here it is:

Tomorrow will be a better
day for you and the next
and the next and the next...

God be with you always.

CarolMeador Premium
Happy Father's Day, Jeff. Didn't know there were any A&Ws; left. I worked in one when I was at McPherson College, back in the dark ages. Being the new kid on the block, I always got stuck cleaning the ice cream machine at closing time. I hated that part of the job!
JeffreyBrown Premium
I'll bet you did, Carol! I had to clean those same machines when I worked at Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy store as a teen! (Also in the Dark ages)🤪
favorme Premium
Jeff, Happy Father's Day! Well, let nothing or anybody's attitude steal your joy. Once a father always a father. Thanks for sharing the wonderful images!
Newme202 Premium
I'm a bit sad for you, Jeff
As least your step children could have made you a card and even, happy father's Day.

It doesn't take much to say.
I'm glad that your day eventually picked up on the latter half

I will say it for them, Jeff
Happy Father's Day. Hoping next year will be bigger and better for you