Serene Saturday Solitude!

Last Update: Aug 6, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I got some GREAT rest last night and even today too, so far! I might even avoid mowing the lawn I desperately so that I can get some more needed rest to complete my recovery.

I started the first of many sojourns into the Wealthy Affiliate Community today around 10:am. (yes, I stayed in bed that late!)

Kitty floated from the bathroom to the bedroom, but I kept the door closed to that room because the air had been on and the weather was blistering hot today--up into the triple digits!

I did get an image of her on the ceramic tiles in the bathroom though. Not a good one, but she has been a bit standoffish. After that, I ventured outside where it was arming up fast at the time and captured a couple more images.

The wind was blowing at the time enough to lift the neighbor's flag a bit.

If I had felt up to it 100%, this would have been a good day to be productive.

When I went back inside, I let the Blog Dogs back inside from the back too.

I gave them some dog biscuits. They like those too, but then, what don't they like?

Once gain, I decided that I was not truly up to working on my site or any other part of Wealthy Affiliate research today!

I want to be back in tip-top shape to concentrate on that!

It was time for me to lay back down and get some more rest. I will share an image from last night when Monica face timed me for about 3 hours.

She tested positive yesterday and today too, but I can tell that she is feeling much better and is now very frustrated. She says she feels really good, and I believe her.

She called me on the phone and we talked today a couple of times for about 2 hours all told. She decided she was going to take the kids to get them tested so that she could get out of the house. They tested negative.

The next time I got out of bed, I decided to go ahead and get the Blog Dogs fed this time around.

That's really about it for today! I've talked to Kevin for a bit today, and my mother too, and while I've been putting the finishing touches on this post, Monica has face timed me again, so that is always GREAT!

Thank all of you for your prayers and well wishes! I hope to be back full throttle very soon!

The rest of the evening, I plan to be on and off the computer!


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I did the same as you. It's been too hot and i can't mow.....too hot....
I rested and still need to clean the went to return not so good TV bought ano5her and it's running excellent.....and bought a new cell phone's too hot can't do anything....... take care......

I got plenty of rest rather than kill myself on things that were not worth killing myself over in the meantime!

You take care, as well!


I feel the need to remind you Jeff that Frisatsus are primarily for resting and recharging the batteries. Lawn mowing is secondary πŸ‘

Hope you and the crew are doing well! 😎🐢🐱🐢

Isaiah 😊

Yes, but when the guy taked with mowing it has not done it in three weeks it is starting to border on urgency, Isaiah! I might put it off until tomorrow though when it might be a bit cooler!

The crew and I are surviving.🐢😹🐢🀠

Have an excellent Sunday!


Happy to hear that your's and Monica's health and strength are returning Jeff!

Keep getting the rest in and enjoy a great Sunday portion my friend!


We are getting better, indeed!

Rest is what I m doing today for the most part, Nick!

Enjoy your balcony pool some more!


That's awesome Jeffrey and yes the balcony pool is proving to be one the best investments I have made in a long long time my friend!!


It sure seems that way, Nick!


And less than 15 bucks my friend!!


I wouldn't be able to fill one at the eBay house--no water! πŸ™„


Thank you for sharing! It’s good to know that you are taking care of your self and feeling better.


You're very welcome, Shahlla! God is Great and he has brought me through this bout with the Flu! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!


I went out of wifi range for 3 days, and what has happened? Did you get some version of the devil bug? I'm so sorry. I hope all of you are out and about soon.

I call it what it is, Donna! The Flu. I haven't caught it in quite some time, but I took bed rest and plenty of water and juice, and I am coming out of it now! Thanks for your kind thoughts!


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