Siesta Sunday Seemed Serene & Satisfying!

Last Update: Aug 7, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

As I approach the upcoming new work week, I am almost at 100% again, but I'm still essentially taking it easy this Sunday--after all, which is a day of rest anyway.

I finally crawled out of bed at 10:00 am and for the last 4 hours have been slaving away at getting caught up in the Wealthy Affiliate Community getting caught up on a LOT of blog posts and getting my newest one at least started.

The images above are what I went outside and captured. It will be another hot one today, and that will likely keep me inside another day since I almost have my recent illness behind me!

I do plan to get on the bike and ride six blocks to the grocery store for a half gallon of ice cream. I have been craving that for a while now!

I'm not bothering with any images of the furry assistants today either, but rest assured, they are doing fine.

I'm also still not doing much right now in the Wealthy Affiliate research section of my day either! Nap number one is rapidly approaching.

I might do some later today, if I feel up to it! If not, then perhaps tomorrow!

Monica called, and I talked to her for 20 minutes, before my Mom, and then Kevin called, and after talking to both of them, I called Monica back and we talked a little while long before I decided to finally ride the motorcycle to the store to pick up a few things, including my half gallon of ice cream.

When I got back, I rested a little more and then I am now putting the finishing touches to this abbreviated post today!

Then I have several bills that I need to pay online to get scheduled for the coming week. I quickly checked eBay, and there is also another order I need to pack and get ready for shipment either tomorrow or Tuesday, as well.

I'll leave everyone with a couple of previous pictures of the furry assistants for your enjoyment.

There were from much cooler days than we are experiencing right now!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed a relaxing Sunday! Aside from a few things to get done tonight, I am also going to be getting some final rest in too!


Recent Comments


Glad you are feeling better. My Sunday was busy because had to get my post ready for publishing. No sooner done than I researched another topic...gotta get started on it today. I also got 6 more videos on my YT channel yesterday.

Today is a bit calmer. It's a stay-at-home day, for which I'm glad. I need to get a blog written for here, but have not been inspired. Will cogitate, and see what comes up.

I'm feeling better, yes, Fran, but I still get wore out a little quicker right now. That should continue to improve though.

You are as busy as always. Good on you.

Sounds like an excellent productive day.


Hey Jeff, When will Ms. Kitty Get her Cycle License To Ride the Motorcycle ? I'm sure those paws of hers get very tired and would want to take the bike out for a spin. May even stop to pick up pizza and bring it home to the family.

Hope Your Sunday Was Awesome !

Kitty would be dangerous on a bike, Tony! Good thoughts though, my friend!

Enjoy your new week!


WOW !!!

Ms.Kitty Dangerous on wheels ?

LOL !!!!!!!


Good One Jeff !

Yes, she would be a scourge, Tony!


Happy to hear that you are feeling much better Jeff and your Sunday portion was nice and relaxing!

I hope that half gallon bucket of ice cream kept you cool in the heat my friend and have a great start to the new week!


I am feeling much better, and I havealready knocked out a quick job! The temperature is nice, so I will likely be heading over to 15th to get started on that troublesome lawn over there too!

The bowl of ice cream yesterday helped. Have an excellent start to your Monday!


That's fantastic news all round Jeffrey, except for the mowing (but I do know how much you love this task really)!🤣

Just the one bowl?? I thought it was a bucket!!

Monday is nearly over here, but apart from the heat I have little to complain about really my friend!


Not at all, Nick, but I managed t get it done anyway.

I have two half gallons, but I didn't have the appetite for a lot of it!

I'm glad you had an excellent Monday!



I'm sure that your appetite will return to normal soon Jeff!


My appetite never really was much of anything, Nick! So we shall see!

Hope your Tuesday is going well!


I do remember Jeff... and just a burger a day won't help much to keep the doctor away!

Apart from my motivation being zapped due to heat (and it's only going to get hotter in the next few days) my HUMP day eve has been.... well normal!

I hope yours is going well my friend!


It has for a while, Nick!

I do have an occasionally healthy snack at other times of the day too, my friend!

Mine is going slowly, but surely, my friend!


Are we talking about "salads" here Jeff!🤣🥗

Slowly but surely sounds good my friend!


Fruit, Nick.

It is as good as it is likely to get.


The heat has been horrible here too. This summer seems like the hottest yet.

I hope you are feeling 100% tomorrow as heat takes a lot out of you!


Fortunately, Barbara, today is supposed to be cooler. We shall see though!

Have an excellent start to this new week!


That would be great! Cooler weather really helps a lot! This hot, humid stuff just zaps any energy right out of me as soon as I walk out the door. Not to mention it is bad for allergies.

Have a great and fulfilling day!


The current cooler weather is what is allowing me to get back in the grind right now.

I'm glad that I don't have any allergies, or else that would not be good!

I am doing the best I can to make each day I have be at its fullest!

Take care!


That is a great attitude to have. That's great that you are blessed with some cooler weather to help you to ease back into the grind.

Take it slow but keep moving forward!


Thanks, Barbara! That is the only attitude that I can have. I am thankful for every cooler day that we have been blessed with recently!

Stay safe and cool as you remain productive!


I am staying inside all the time and so are the dogs. They can go out whenever they want because they have a dog door, but they don't want to because of the heat.

As long as I'm in the house in air-conditioning I am fine.

Have a great day!


I can completely understand them not wanting to go outside, Barbara!

Same here, concerning a/c. I only have it operational in the bedroom, and fortunately, I haven't had to use it much so far.

I hope you have been having an excellent day too!


Not too bad but I do wish I would have gotten more done.

Have a great evening!


Let’s hope it will be much cooler. Glad you are doing well. Have a very fine week.

Thanks, Dan! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sure! Enjoy the start to another new week!


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