Samantha, Star & Shadow's Suberb Sojourn!

Last Update: June 26, 2022

Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

As promised, here is the post about Samantha and I's adventure with the Blog Dogs late this afternoon. It will mostly consist of images.

I rode over to the house on the motorcycle and picked her up. The title image is her waiting to go as I was about ready to climb on.

When we arrived at the eBay house, we put Shadow downstairs so he would not interfere while we were cutting Star's long nails. That went better than we expected, and so we decided to take them for a walk.

This was while Shadow and I were resting after the first mile long walk.

Then, before we left to take her back home, I had to do a couple of things inside, so she solo walked them both down the alley. She cannot get enough of those two.

She misses them so much and she laments that it is because of her older sister essentially leaving her German Shepherd at the house 90% of the time as to why she cannot have the Blog Dogs over there. (Of course, they were over there since puppies for almost two years before her sister's lame-brained idea to buy a dog that she would never be there to take care of)

Then they got some more rest when they came back before going back inside! Shadow (above), and Star (below).

She was quite happy and so was Star! She had also told me she had researched a list of 50cc scooters, since she is contemplating on buying a scooter first in order to save up for a car. She turns 15 on July 8th, so there are a couple of jobs she could get at that time. Samantha is very excited about this.

In that vein, when she rode back with me, I took her over to my ex girlfriend's house, and her and her husband happened to be home and they were kind enough to let her sit on the scooter they had. Andrea knows Monica, having worked with her for a couple of years. She is really excited now! (Samantha can get one of these when she is 16, so she has a lot to look forward too.)

I dropped her off at the house, we talked for about an hour and I looked at her list! She is being very thorough and responsible with this, and I am proud of her!

I had to stop at the locksmith shop house to pick up a couple of things, and then rode back home!

I sat outside at the picnic table and answered Wealthy Affiliate Blog posts on the cell phone while I relaxed a little.

I leave you with an interesting image that I happened to capture while I was sitting there!

A possum walking casually up the driveway! The rest of the evening will be spent on the computer before I finally peter out! This has been a GREAT day, indeed!

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FKelso Premium Plus
Glad you and the blog dogs had such a good adventure with Samantha.

Not much to be a lot of tasks accomplished yesterday.

This morning, when I looked out my office window onto the back yard, I saw a NEW pile of bear shit. He deposited it during the night last night, because it wasn't there yesterday evening. Perhaps I should take pictures of bear poop,since that's the only part of them we seem to see lately. I did hear that two brown bears have been spotted in Gustavus...That's not good -- they are more dangerous than our black bears. Hope they leave again soon.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Me too, Fran. It was exciting and educational.

It sounds like things are working very nicely for you, my friend.

Maybe you should post a picture of that, since an actual image of a bear might prove to be fatal.

Stay safe.

DragomirVC1 Premium Plus
Hi Jeff,
What can I say, exciting story!
One story is that I'm not interested in details of people's lives.
But everything that is beautiful humanly delights me.
You didn't show up in the frame at all.
But you were at the desk, of course!
You had a full day like me anyway!
I didn't forget Jeff but I was very busy studying hard.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Thank you for the kind words, Vasile! This is simply how I write, my friend!

west2000 Premium
That sounds like a terrific way to end the weekend, Jeff! The dogs look exhausted, which they surely enjoyed. Samantha sounds like a very level-headed young lady. I'm sure you are very proud of her! She has lots to look forward to indeed. Great shot of the possum...I get them once in a while crawling around my bbq after I've made ribs at night. Have a nice afternoon :-)

Susan 😎🛵
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
It was, indeed, Susan! They did enjoy their walk for sure, my friend! She is very level-headed and I am so proud of her.

I was lucky to catch the shot of the possum, my friend!

I hope you had an excellent start to the new week!

Willow29 Premium
It's rare to see a possum during the day. I live in the woods, so I chase them off my deck on a regular basis at night.

I'm so glad that Samantha comes to help you out. She does seem very responsible for her age. Hopefully she's learned what not to do from her older sister.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
It was getting dark when that one showed up, Cynthia! I was actually surprised to get an image of it.

She is incredibly responsible, and loves the Blog Dogs very much, she did not want to lose them! She resents her older sister, and I tell her she should not do this, but I know how she feels!

Isaiah14 Premium
I quickly scrolled past that picture of the possum, Jeff!

I've always wondered - Does a teenager need a license to buy a scooter? Im assuming they're cheaper and safer than motorcycles.

Hope your week is off to a great start!😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 😊
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I've gotten varying answers to that, but it seems that Samantha can ride one when she is 16. She is also doing research on this, and yes, they are safer than motorcycles, but what one has to watch out for are other motorists who do not pay attention to the smaller vehicles. I had an accident when I first got my "mini"-Harley about 3 months after I bought it new 7 years ago.

A woman swerved right into me at an intersection I was traveling through. The bike was in the shop a few months, and shortly after the accident, I bought my Trike conversion on eBay. It is a 2003 Yamaha V-Star 1100, but it is out of service until I can get some money for the repairs that it needs.

Als, Scooters are a lot cheaper and get about 100 miles ot the gallon. (They cost b/t $1,000 and 4,000 depending on what you get--cheaper if you can find them lightly used.)

So far, the new week seems to be off to an excellent start. I hope that yours is too!😎🐶😹🐶

Sorry about the possum, I had to insert her in there.