Monday Morning's Magnificent Manufacture & More Manuscript Moil!

Last Update: Dec 5, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

After one more unlock job last night and then talking to Monica for just over two hours on the phone, I slept very well last night, and got out of bed around 7:30 am this morning. I discovered that had an eBay package which sold overnight to get ready to ship. I got busy and got it out there in time, and the postman got it later.

With that done, then I dove into the Wealthy Affiliate Community to get the new week started on the right track. That has been my daily habit for quite some time now!

Surprisingly, Kitty decided to sit this session out, but I imagine that she will be lurking around at some point during the day. She never seems to stay in bed all day.

After I completed my initial foray into the WAC, I started another fire in the fireplace to get the temperature up a little in the eBay house. The day would warm up, but I wanted to maintain the temp in the eBay house too.

The Blog Dogs enjoyed it from the comfort of their beloved ottoman close by!

Then I ventured outside again to capture some images of the new day, including the title image.

It was in the 30s at that time, but we are expected to get a bit warmer as the day progresses. (either high 40s or low 50s).

It was really starting to turn out to be quite beautiful today.

Shortly thereafter, I spent some time rearranging a few things in the eBay house, and when I was done, it was time to move on to other tasks. Of course, I was feeling a bit hungry by that time too.

Therefore, I prepared myself an early lunch (a hamburger again), and also fed the Blog Dogs their main meal of the day, with the drippings sprinkled on for the added flavor.

They are always ready to eat. The one time that they don't, then I will suspect that something might be wrong with them.

I managed to get a little more writing done in my Kindle Vella Episode #8--it is now just over 2,500 words, so the end is in sight.

Some planned book promotion site cleanup, along with another blog post is planned to round out the Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the new day.

Weirdly, I am also noticing some "Doomsday" Spam posts for one of my dormant websites! The user names vary but all with the same last name! Annoying and ridiculous, but I will address those later. It is, after all a dead site right now.

I'm sure that many of you here have gotten these too! I have read posts about these sorts of comments before, but this is, to my recollection, the first time that I have been bombarded with them.

There was a lot of paperwork that I have been catching up on today, as well! There are always things to take care of at year's end, especially if you run a physical business besides the virtual ones on Wealthy Affiliate!

While I was busy with this, Kitty finally made an appearance! I'm not sure it was to assist, but rather the solemn look that I get from her when she is out of food! She did stay around for a few minutes though!

Better late than never, and some activity rather than none at all! (Yes, I did finally feed her.)

I have been keeping the fire going a while longer until the temp in the eBay house is good, even though outside, we managed to reach 48 degrees! No too bad! I did capture the image above of the late afternoon though.

There were no locksmith jobs today, so, unless one comes up after I post, I will be re configuring some things in the office, and of course, I will be on and off the computer for the rest of the evening too!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hi Jeff, It seems to me you are the busiest person I know. Always doing something but it does past the time away though. I have a feeling that you are going to be bombarded with a lot of locksmith jobs soon. Winter is coming who doesn't need a locksmith then.

And it seems that your ebay business is picking up that is awesome. You are doing in your words excellent my friend. Keep up the good work.


Thank you, Mary! You'd be surprised. No one has thae money to pay for the services, and in December, they are brike because property taxes are due five days before Christmas!

Eby is slowly, but surely rising, but it is not nearly as good as it used to be!

Thanks for your kind words!


Hi Jeff, Yes everybody is broke anymore and that is so sad that people have to make choices on what to pay and what not to pay. And it is getting harder instead of easier.

That is really bad that property taxes are due five before Christmas. Is everyone going to be Scrooge this year because everyone wants money that no one has.

We have been bothered with our creditors too. They want something that I just don't have to give at this point.

It is just plain and simple our government doesn't care about the people that they are to represent.


It is very sad,indeed, Mary! That seems to be the way of the world right now, though!

Yes, with taxes being due that soon, it is diabolical, but that is all that government is worried about, sadly!

Yes! Creditors are all the same!

That is why our government need a complete "reboot"!


Hi Jeff, It is so very sad as how our world is now. It also bothers me how tolerated our world has become. Society in general we accept just about anything rather it is right or wrong.

Today it doesn't matter if it is right or wrong society is just accepting. in everything. Everybody has literally forgotten what this country was built on.

Has that foundation deteriorated that bad that we can accept just about anything. I just don't know and things that have to come to pass before the second coming.


It certainly is a shome, Mary! There are still very good people in this world, but it seems to get harfer everyday to make sense of how terribly wrong things have gone.


Hi Jeff, Yes there are some good people in this world though far and few between. Yes things have gone terribly wrong because children don't know there place, they have no disciple. and no structure.

These kids are in some severe trouble. It is really bad when kids are killing kids and the mass shootings are getting worse. It is impossible but all we have is praying unceasingly and I know God is hearing our cries of help.

Mary :))

God not only hears our cries, but he listens to our prayers, and He also knows it is all going on, but He has it under control, and we must keep our faith in Him!


I like how you keep calling S&S's dinner their "main meal", Jeff. I'm assuming you give them a a few biscuits throughout the rest of the day.

Since you're still running your own physical business after many years and have paperwork to do for tax purposes, does the process get any easier? Where it's second nature? Or is it always something you dread?

Hope the week has gotten off to a good start for you and your crew! 😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 😊

Yes, Isaiah! Everytime they go outside for a while to do their business, they expect a treat of some kind!

I always dread it, but even since the Covid Specter, Hoax, Plandemic, or whatever you choose to call it, my paperwork has gotten a lot easier, since it has almost completely wiped me out--as it did many other businesses! It is still second nature though!

The week has started off satisfactory. 😎🐶😹🐶

I hope that yours has too!


You left out "Scam-demic" too, Jeff!

But thank goodness your business is still standing!

OOPS, forgot that one! This was just a world-wide government power grab, and it has not helped ANY of us at ALL!

My business is on its knees struggling to get back up! You would think the Government here would quit spending money they don't have and try to give us a hand, but alas, they continue to beat us while we are down!

Animals are so smart, yours snuggle up against each other to stay warm. I love dogs, you certainly have some cute ones.

Here we Niner fans are again.... with another season-ending injury to our QB Jimmy G. He's probably done playing. His history of injuries is hard to ignore. Hopefully not, he's well-liked by many. His replacement Brock Purdy from Iowa State played very well and composed. However, the Niner "D" was awesome. They say defense wins championships. We'll see. I hope so.

Happy new week, Jeff. Glad you're able to spend so much time at least on the phone with Monica. Hang in there my friend.

Life is subject to change at any given moment!

They have been together ince the womb, David!

Sorry to hear of Jimmy G's injury, but Brock Purdy is good. He's beaten K-State a few times.

Their D is good too, so you will likely be fine!

I have talked to Monica a lot. For some reason she didn't call today though, but that's okay!

Life always seems to have some changes in store for us. The Good Lord gets us through the bad ones though.

Jeff, I wrote you a long answer and my computer decided to remove it. Won't repeat the whole thing. I did remark on your cute dogs -- so good they have each other -- and I'd guess they stay pretty warm curled up on their ottoman together.

It was an okay day here, but some things just didn't gel. Maybe tomorrow.

No worries, Fran. That happens to me sometimes too.

Those dogs have been together since the womb. I'm glad they have each other too!

I read about your woocommerce plight. I hope you get it sorted.


That's a great image of the furry gang all decked out, Jeff! Sounds like you had a good day overall...temperatures not to bad either. The 40 degrees today was welcomed. Maybe it'll hold out for a while more. Have a great rest of your evening.

Susan 🐶😹🐶

Thank you, Susan! It was, overall, a good day! We made 48 as a high. I'nm glad you like the new Furry Assistants Image. I hope the temps hold out, but I highly doubt it.

I will, and you have a pleasant evening too!


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