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Last Update: Aug 8, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

As I am slowly coming back from my illness this past week, I woke up early and knocked my morning Wealthy Affiliate Community sojourn out.

Kitty was actually snooping around in the office while I did so. She did not stay for very long though, and that's okay, it was just nice to see her for a change!

I still have not had the wherewithal to get any more Wealthy Affiliate research done yet, there are many tasks to attend to today as I am beginning the great "catch-up" phase, after my momentary sickness! Thanks again for everyone's thoughts, prayers, and kind words!

Getting started back on this important routine will come soon enough.

I did manage to go unlock a car for $50 around noon, so that was great, and also very much-needed too! The drive over to the job was quite pleasant!

When I arrived back at the eBay house from the job, I got busy on some other chores too! One of those was getting the Blog Dogs fed. They have been very patient with me!

I now have the car loaded, and I'll be leaving for the shop house soon to start tackling the yard over there while the weather is much cooler. Then I'll tend to some other tasks over there, and will also take a good shower and change into fresh clothes too, and also bring back some additional filled water jugs for the eBay house. There is so much to do!

Monica called from work--that's right--work! She finally tested NEGATIVE! Yay! That news has also made my day too!

I am very happy for her, and now her frustrations seem to be over--at least for a while!

Finally after resting a bit, it was time to drive to the shop house and get the jungle cut over there. The drive over there was very nice too, although the sun was out more and so it had heated up a little, it was still in the low 80s.

When I arrived there, the jungle was as advertised!

It has had three weeks of neglect thanks to Sylvester not holding up his end of our bargain.

I would have likely already taken care of it sooner if not for coming down with my flu. This is about as good as the weather is likely to get, so I will soldier through this no matter what!

Since all I had at my disposal was a battery powered weed eater, this was likely going to take a while! Above is headway made after one and a half batteries. I took several breaks which allowed the batteries to last longer.

I snapped an image of the sky over there. It was nice to look at.

I was sitting on the steps and going through some old images to delete from the phone when my next door neighbor there--a 1st. Lieutenant in the Army asked if I wanted to use his lawnmower to finish up. That was wonderful and I agreed. It made fairly short work of the rest of it. God was sure looking out for me today!

My neighbor also asked me if I saw Sylvester to let him know that he had some branches for Sylvester to come pick up for him. I told him I would let Sylvester know when I was able to get a hold of him. We chatted about that for a while, then I finished the yard in about ten minutes, and returned his mower to him. My mower over there still has a bent blade--something else that still needs to be addressed!

The finished yard! (Above) I was then able to complete the other tasks over there too, so that I could get back to the eBay house to finish this post, and then grab a little rest before working some more on the computer later!

My first work day back during my recovery period! Hopefully, it will get better as the days progress!


Recent Comments


Great news that you are feeling even better Jeff and that the cooler temps allowed you to complete one of your favourite tasks!!

Great news on the quick car unlock and have a fabulous HUMP day eve my friend!


It is, indeed, even though that is one of my least favorite tasks!

I am having a relaxing Hump Day's eve right now!

I hope you are. as well!


🀣🀣 It's about time you located young Sylvester so he can keep good with his end of the deal Jeff... there can't be that that many places there for him to hide out at??

It's coming up to 10pm here and I think we must have dropped out of the 90's now, so my air conded bedroom will be where I shall rest up soon, after taking the PP out for what I hope will be the last business trip of the day!

Take care my friend and keep on relaxing as much as you can!!


I don't have the time or vehcle to chase him down, Nick! He needs to get his phone working again, period!

Stay cool when you retire, and keep the PP nice and cool with you!

I am in relaxation mode ofr most of the rest of the day!


I thought from your fleet that at least your trusty bike worked Jeff?

And the air con is getting some serious use these days my friend!

I hope you relaxed well!


It does, but I am having to get the strength back to ride it.

Mine in one room is. I have been continuing to relax well.

Enjoy your Hump day!


It's only a "piglet" Jeff, how much strength do you need??

We only really need the air con in one room anyway my friend, keep up the relaxing and have a great HUMP day as well!!



I'll keep regaining, my strength, Nick!


I am sure you will my friend!


I will, my friend! Thank you!



Cheers, Nick! 😎🍺

You had a busy day there, happy you're feeling much better and M tested negative. That's too bad Sylvester dropped the ball on helping with your yard, but the end results look good thanks to your efforts. Tending the yard always feels satisfying!

Great to see your images as hear about your day as always. Have a pleasant evening,
Susan 🐢🐢😸😊

I'm not sure it was very satisfying this time around, Susan, but at least I got it done with God's help!

You have a pleasant evening too. I will sleep like the dead tonight!


I don't doubt you will, Jeff! Take time and get your rest and soon your strength will be fully restored. Sleep tight! 🐢😸🐢

I'm doing my best to prioritize, Susan! I hope you slept well too!


Happy to hear Jeff. Amazing how good it feels to get some things done regardless of circumstances. Bet you sleep well tonight. Have a listen before bed. It's beautiful.

I will sleep like a log, David, and the music is very soothing, my friend! Thank you!


I'm happy that you were able to get through all the chores of the day. That is really hard to do after you have been sick for awhile.

The WA stuff will get done too.


Me too, Barbara, and yes, it is very hard to do, but I made it through day one!

I've got to get busy in some more departments now too!


You will get it done. I know you will when you are feeling ok again.

Have a great evening!

Thanks, Barbara! There are a lot of time sensitive things that I am prioritizing right now, my friend!

I had a restful evening, but the grind has returned too quickly already!


You probably feel behind, but don't try and catch up all in one day, maybe just a little at a time, gradually.

Take it slow and easy and have a great day!


I am not overdoing, Barbara, but there are things that must be done each day.


Yes, I guess so, things like paying bills and taxes, where you have to pay a penalty if you're late. Those would be among those things.


Yes, exactly those sorts of things. There seems to be no rest for the wicked, Barbara!


Yes, unfortunately, those can't wait or they end up even higher!


Sadly, that does seem to be the case, Barbara!


There's no keeping Jeff down! Back in the saddle again. :-)


I haven't been bucked off the horse again just yet, Mel!


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