Frigid Frisatsu Friday Felt Fruition-Filled!

Last Update: Sep 23, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I woke up to rain here. I let the Blog Dogs out to do their business, and then walked into the "office" with my coffee to perform the morning 'deep dive' into the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Kitty reluctantly came in to, er um, 'assist'! She was sleeping, of course.

I was watching some morning news while I was writing some more in my recent book (which I hope to have published by Sunday), I heard the announcer say that this Friday is the first Friday of Fall! I did not know that.

It was raining when I took my first break of the day, so I captured one image only. below.

It got pretty intense at times, but has since stopped. Whew! I'm sure it will be off and on today, and the temps are quite chilly too.

Then, I started working some more on my most recent book too, as a part of my Wealthy Affiliate research too.

I am hoping to have the newest book published by Sunday. We shall see how that goes. After that, a corresponding blog post on my book promotion website will also be written.

I will very soon ask Site Support to move that site to my domain. Mistakenly, there was a glitch that has said that had already been done, but that proved to not be the case. Once it is shifted over, I will go to my personal profile page and provide the link for anyone that wishes to have a look.

I seem to get so much more done on a rainy day on the computer! There are really no outside distractions for the most part, which is a very good thing!

I mixed in the remainder of a dish I made the other day for the Blog Dogs to enjoy mixed in with their food. This would be the main meal of the day for them.

As usual, they seemed to enjoy it. No image today of that because of centering problems with the image, sorry.

The sun managed to win its battle with the cloud cover and came out for about thirty minutes and it looked like the day was going to clear off when my buddy Kevin called for his customary conversation on the way to work at the railroad. We talked for about half an hour about what is going on in the United States.

Not surprisingly, another cloud bank came in, which is fine by me, I had run my errands by then anyway, and now, barring any last minute lock work, I could settle back into working on my latest book again!

I spoke too soon, because Monica called me from work on her lunch break next--a little later than usual, but that's perfectly alright with me! I always love hearing what she has to say.

With that and the other finished, I returned to the computer to complete this post, and then get back within the Wealthy Affiliate Community for a few minutes before returning to my book and book promotion site work on the computer.

Aside from talking to a couple of friends on the phone, that is the plan for this evening, unless, of course, Tommy Williams is in town, then I might venture over to his shop, or at the very least, give him a call about status on the warehouse's car removal project. I was pretty pleased with what I saw yesterday.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hi Jeff….

The cool weather is nice, but we’re now bracing for a possible hurricane mid next week. We’ll see how that goes. The track in online to hit Tampa, but thankfully we’re about 20-30 miles from where it’s projected to hit.

Enjoy your Frsatsu!


DeSantis will likely reroute that Hurricane to Matha's Vinyard! Let's see how they like THAT one, Mike 🤣

Stay safe, my friend!


That’s funny! He may actually be trying that as the storm may cross the state and head up north with Hurricane Fiona!


I wish him well in that endeavor, Mike! Stay safe if that doesn't work out!


Thank you Jeff!


You're very welcome, Mike!


Sounds like you had a nice gentle start to the latest Frisatsu Jeffrey!

Keep plugging away with your book promo website and I hope that you manage to get it live tomorrow!!

Enjoy a superb Saturday portion my friend!


It was quite a refreshing start to another Frisatsu, and it allowed me to be quite productive on my latest book endeavors, Nick!

I will see about Site Support transferring it over today, but with it being during Frisatsu, I am not sure how long it will take them.

The Saturday portion is moving along well so far, my friend! I hope yours is too!


It certainly did Jeff!!

But why do you need SiteSupport to transfer it over for you??

If I remember correctly, you are moving it from a siterubux over to your own .com right??

That can be done by the click of a button my friend!!

Mine is moving along much faster that I thought as it's nearly 5pm here now!!


I could try that too, Site Support simply makes it easier!

I might try it for giggles though!

I'm sorry that yours is flying by so fast. Frisatsu should be SLOW! The work week needs to FLY BY!


It really is a click on your mouse my friend... wait a couple of minutes and bam!! All done!!

Everyday seems to whizz by at the moment Jeff.. it will soon be time to think about picking up my usual Saturday night kebab!!


I'm going to attempt it in a bit, and if it fails, I'LL BE BACK!


Hahaha!! Any problems Arnie then let me know!!


I just moved it, Nick! It says everything is alright, so far it seems so, so I can give you a reprieve.....for now.

After I check it again, I will upgrade some things on my personal profile page. Go easy on me when you take a look. there are likely things that I have forgotten.

Thanks for the encouragement!


That's fantastic my friend!!

What did I tell you... just click a button or two and bam!!!

Appreciate the (temporary) reprieve... maybe!!

I can't wait to see how it looks... we all forget things and wish it would look better... but no worries buddy... after all the most important thing is CONTENT!!!

Well done my friend!!!


You were right, Nick! I grudgingly admit it!

I'll get it on my personal profile page as soon as I can!

Content is very important!

Thank you!



You're most welcome my friend!!


Much appreciated, as always!


Hi Jeff, good to hear everyone is good. I will look forward to reading your article, have a great weekend, take care.

Thanks, Brian!

Enjoy your Frisatsu as well, what remains of it anyway! Have an excellent Saturday!


Hi, Jeff

Yes, the summer is gone, but so are the crazy hot temperatures that you’ve been enduring!

It’s great that things are moving along with your warehouse.

Happy Saturday! 😎

Frank 🎸

Yes, Frank, but I hope that the Crazy cold temperatures remain at bay this time around.

It seems that we move from one extreme to the other, my friend!

I hope to go check on the warehouse today or tomorrow!

Enjoy your Saturday portion to the fullest!


I know what you mean, Jeff!

Climate change has definitely been playing its part. Pretty we'll both be freezing again!

Enjoy your Saturday, too! 😎
Frank 🎸

It has to an extent, Frank! Although I believe it is over-hyped to force us into a much lower standard of living now.

The Elites are still living high on the hog flying their private jets everywhere. 🤔 Hypocrites much?

I will enjoy it to the fullest of my current capabilities! I hope you do too!


I always do, Jeff! 😎

That's the spirit, Frank!😎🎸🤘

Yep, Autumn started yesterday. Lots of celebrations down here to mark th3 change and of course, new moon on Sunday. I’m off to see the Vikings and Saxons have a battle royale in the Abbey Park at lunchtime. Hopefully you’ll keep that rain over there a little longer.
Stay lucky buddy, enjoy the weekend.

Ah, a new season, indeed! How refreshing Bux!

Is that battle royale a reenactment or a modern day clash of sports teams?

Either way have some fun, and we seem to still have a little rain here, so I'm not sure it will be my doing if you get some rain too! 🙄🤣

I will, and have an enjoyable Saturday portion of Frisatsu, as well! Don't forget some KFC!


Thanks Jeff for the KFC recommendation. I think I will, next week. It was a reenactment, good fun to watch. Glorious sunshine and everyone having a good time.

You're very welcome, Bux!

That sounds like you had some fun!


Hi Jeff, it is good to see you are taking advantage of the rain and getting lots of computer work done.

I hope you have a good weekend.


I've got to make what would otherwise have been wasted time count for writing productivity for the future, my friend!

Have a Happy Frisatsu!


I don't think you waste very much time my friend, you always seem to be busy.


Thanks, Alex! I do my best, my friend!


That rain is quickly heading my way Jeff, but we need it. Never seen our ponds totally dried up before. Sounds like you had a productive day with lots getting accomplished. I need to do the same. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working so diligently on. Have a great Frisatsu evening.

Susan 😹🐶🐶🌧

I sincerely hope you get that rain, Susan! How deep is your pond normally?

For now money, I still feel this has been an excellent day, my friend!

If all goes well, my Site might be out by monday because I forgot that we are in another Frisatsu right now. No matter what, I plan on having the new book out on Sunday (unless, of course, something beyond my control happens)

Have a wonderful Frisatsu evening too!


I would guess we’re down about 4 ft of water. They are not deep ponds…more marsh, but there’s a spongy “top” now visible amongst the reeds. Very odd looking. Soon it’ll refill and the ducks will return.

I’m glad you had a great day. That’s a nice feeling to be so productive. More books to add to your list of accomplishments!

Whew! I'm glad to hear that, Susan! I would hate to think that the ducks would have nowhere to go!

I am on a roll with the latest book, but then it is something very dear to my heart!


I hope to learn more about your newest book, Jeff! That’s awesome. 👍🏻

You will very soon, Susan! Suffice it to say it is about Monica and I. The plot thickens!


Indeed it does! 🤔👍🏻

You bet, Susan!


Well, you don't have a monopoly on the rain, Jeff. It has been raining here nonstop for about 24 hours. We're told it's an "atmospheric river." Whatever it is, I wish it would go flow somewhere else.

Still lots to do on my YT videos. Got all the titles done -- now the description, which has a bunch of links and hashtags that weren't there before. Making progress.

Of course, fitting everything else in somewhere...Writer's this morning, then shopping. Then finished the titles. Have to confer with Marion before I can go any further. I have, however, figured out pretty links, which is good, since using them on the videos. New post needs doing for Sunday. Oh, joy!

My son is here for a week, working on his place. I'm going over for supper nice, not to have to cook! He may come over here, though since the weather is so bad. That would be fine...I'd rather not drive his bumpy road if I can help it.

On to the weekend...

That is good to know, Fran. I actually enjoyed ours today, but I highly doubt that it is as much as you received.

I like the rain, but too much is too much.

I'm glad that you are making progress, that is always a good thing.

I like my Frisatsus because I'll get done what I wish to get done, but I do know what you mean. I have some deadlines to achieve too, so that I can hold myself accountable.

I hope that your son does come over to your place. It would be the "sonly" thing to do, after all.


Ha, I have never heard of an atmospheric river. From what you say it is an accurate phrase. Let us hope you are out of the river soon.


Great blog Jeff!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Frisatsu!


Thanks, Myra!

I hope that you have had an excellent start to another Frisatsu!

Have a pleasant evening, my friend!


Rain is nice when there's no ice.

I totally agree, Warren! Anytime that ice is involved, all bets are off!


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