Finally Friday Frisatsu Favors Fabulous Fruitfulness!

Last Update: Dec 2, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

OOPS, I did it again today too! I slept in until 8 am, but I must admit that I feel more refreshed, though, at times, I also feel under more time pressure!

I will eventually get back on track with my sleep patterns, but cold mornings make me move a bit slower.

With Kitty's assistance, I jumped into the Wealthy Affiliate Community and accomplished that in short order.

Although the day has been very windy again, when I captured images of the new day--including the title image--the temps were already at 50 degrees!

We might even reach 60 degrees, though I would be surprised if we do! Stranger things have happened before though! UPDATE: We made it to 58 degrees!

The day is going to be beautiful, and I already have a locksmith job to go inspect today for a reliable client. So, I should get busy very soon.

I am excited at my prospects going forward! My goal for this Frisatsu is to finally finish my Kindle Vella Episode #8 with which I plan to bridge a glaring gap!

This is all just a part of my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day! It will be ongoing throughout the day! I also need to remove my two BF2022 blog posts, but I will keep them in draft for future use, with modifications going forward, of course.

Monica called me to tell me about her day, so far! She had a lot of things that had to be done today regarding her children, and also some paperwork which had to be done for her short-term disability paperwork.

I will remain silent on that, because some of the money she had to spend on that is down right foolish, expensive, and counter-productive, in my opinion.

Of course, anytime government gets involved in anything it is a total 'S$%T- Show', so I shouldn't have been surprised! ( I did serve two tours in the US Army!)

Finally, I left to go do the job at the movie theater!

The drive was very pleasant as we were knocking on the door of 60 degrees for this fine Frisatsu Friday.

I went and picked up the key, and then got right to work.

I could tell that the lock cylinder was loose right off the bat.

No worries, I took off the inner cover plate, lubed the mechanism really well, and tighten the screws for the outer cylinder from the inside! No muss, No Fuss!

When I completed the job, I also had an excellent chat with the client! We both graduated from Kansas State University--myself in 1996, and him in 2004. We talked about the upcoming Big 12 Championship football game--K-State v. TCU! It was some great conversation.

With the job completed, I will try to visit Tommy Williams over at his shop next door to my Warehouse complex, and if I see him, then I will make some arrangements to have my Jeep Cherokee's head gasket replaced to give me more of a reliable back-up vehicle for this winter!

First, I went back to the eBay house to let the Blog Dogs outside.

Then, it was time for their main meal of the day too! They are always ready for that.

I always make sure that they are well cared for. They are both my brand & muses, as well as Samantha's dogs!

The visit with Tommy Williams did not happen. I guess he stayed home in Manhattan, KS today.

No matter, I stacked some more firewood on the porch at the eBay house, just in case it is needed for another fire. I will not use it tonight though.

Then, I got right back down to business on the computer--both in the Wealthy Affiliate Community and performing some belated writing to round out my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day.

There seems to never be a dull moment of the day, since there is always something to accomplish! Every day in Wealthy Affiliate is a GREAT day, indeed!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hi Jeff, Things are going well for you and that is awesome my friend. And you are busy and that is awesome too.

I guess Monica is doing better and the pain is lessness as well that I pray. I can understand many things that everyone will find out as time goes on. I am doing this reply on 14 Wednesday, see I am behind in a lot of things including my responses. But I am getting there slow by surely.

I am on my way to the primary care doctor as we speak.

Mary :))

They are going as well as they can be right now, Mary, and I am not complaining!

Monica is making it, and the pain will lessen as things progress. I have faith in that!

Good luck with your Doctor's appt., my friend!


Hi Jeff, That is good just keep the faith and hope. That will get you anywhere you need to go.

Yes the pain will lessen eventually but she will be able to tell the weather even before it happens. I know just about what it is going to do before I see the weather report. I can say this much it never fails.

I have to get a CT scan of my chest cause I have something on the lower left lung and they just want to make sure it is nothing which I know it is. It is just scar tissue from when I had bronchitis, it was always worse then the time before. Then the MRI of my left hand. So some more dr's appt in January. Starting the new year off right.

It is better to be safe then sorry. It just seems that is all I get to do is see more doctor's. They don't believe me anyway they say that I am crazy and it is all in my head. The doctor's just don't get it I know my body better then they do. I know when something is wrong.


They certainly will, Mary!

Yes, with the steel in her knee, she sure well, and if she flies, she will always have to go to a different line because the metal detectors will ping.

I hope your doctor's appointments go well! 🙏


Hi Jeff, John is going through the same thing with his big toe on the left foot. He has a steel rod in the toe because the bone was eaten away from arthritis. And the fact that he walked on that foot when the big toe was fracture.

It may not be the same but the pain and the aches are the same. I am having problems with my left knee but I know what it is so I just have to be extra careful.

I still have to schedule the CT scan which I will try to do on Monday. And I have to wait and get a referral from my primary care it is still pending right now.

Other then that we are okay and we are safe sound and have a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, and place to lay our heads and that is all that counts and that I am grateful for.


I can certainly understand the pain you are both feeling, Mary! I truly hope that it gets better for the both of you!

God Bless you both!


When you say that you can tell the lock is loose, Jeff - is that something you feel when inserting the key and turning it? Does it mean it won't lock properly? Just curious.

I was thinking - it might be nice the client of this movie theater threw in some free movie tickets along with paying you - but then again, there's hardly any movies worth seeing nowadays.

Hope you enjoy the football game! 🏈 😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 😊

The outer cylinder where the key inserts was very loose--there are two screws behind the mechanism on the inside which needed to be tightened down a little. After that, everything seemed to be functioning properly!

The client is always generous, but I have not watched new movies for quite some time! I catch them a few years later when they are free for me, and are still new to me, as well!

I hope it is a great game!🏈🐶😹🐶

Have an excellent Saturday!


A nice, warm, busy day -- sounds like you had a good one. It was sunny here, too, but not so warm. My day has gone okay, except for the new phone. I finally got the sim card, after they sent it twice -- took over two weeks. Actually figured out how to get it in place, but their charger cord has no plug for connection to a wall outlet, and my computer tells me it doesn't have enough power to charge it...even though it's hooked to my electricity; it's not running through battery. I don't know what to do. Call them again, I guess...talked to them 4 times today. I dislike technology intensely, mainly because I have so much trouble figuring it out.

It was a very good one, Fran.

You can get a plug-in adaptor for the usb plug end on the charging cord, and that might help.

I just hate dealing with the government. They seem to be very inept--especially with the VA right now😫

I’ll take those temps any day for this time of year! Sounds like you had a good day with lots accomplished. But what did you eat today…there’s no Chef Jeff image lol. Have a pleasant evening, my friend.

Susan 🐶😹🐶

The day was GREAT with those mild temps, Susan! We will be a lot chillier tomorrow!

I made a grilled egg sandwich and snacked a little throughout the day!

You have a pleasant evening too, my friend!


Monica is doing fine......when is Samantha to walk the had a busy should make a casserole........keep well......take care......

She seems to be! Now that I have a truck, I can pick up Samantha to walk them, Antonietta!

There are always busy days! I wish I could make a casserole, but no working oven! Take care!


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