Faint & Feeble Friday Frisatsu!

Last Update: Aug 5, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I must say that even though I retired earlier than usual last night, and actually slept half-way decent. The pestering headache has not gone totally away. I was up about 7:00 am, but only worked in the Wealthy Affiliate Community for about 30 minutes before I crashed in the bed again and grabbed another 1.5 hours of sleep.

I then jumped back on the computer and worked for another 1.5 hours before deciding to hit the bed once again. I ended staying in bed waking up on and off as I watched a series on TV while I am trying to will the throbbing headache away without becoming a pain reliever dependent.

I did go outside and capture a few images of what, ordinarily would be an excellent day!

The weird part is that, ever since I had my surgery in December 2015 where I had over half of my foot amputated, I have never had a headache since--and now this!! I even canceled an investigative appointment that I made with someone yesterday against my better judgment because I know there would be nothing that I can do for them because the locks are well beyond my expertise and price range. That was the relief that has allowed me to get some more rest.

I am now back on the computer putting together this post. I have not heard from Monica today yet, but she will be going to get tested again to see if she is negative so she can go back to work! I hope she gets the result she is looking for.

I did get to see her last night at the house, and I kept my distance from her on the "thinking deck". She had started mowing her lawn, and had gotten tired, so I went of there to finish it on the motorcycle.

By the time I got back to the eBay house, I almost dropped the thing over going up my driveway. Thank goodness I saved it because I must have been weaker than I thought!

All was well that ended well at that point.

I'll be taking another short break soon, and that will keep the headache from roaring back full blast.

With my plain hamburger done, I was able to feed the Blog Dogs their food with the drippings on it!

They are always ready for that!

I jumped back on the computer for a bit, and, lo and behold, Kitty peeked in. It was now time to go feed her too!

I must not't forget about her! I got that done, and then worked some more on the computer waiting for Kevin's normal call.

The rest of this evening will be spent resting, doing a little work on the computer, occasionally being on the phone and then even more resting! That is the best medicine in my opinion!


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I hope you manage to defeat the headache. It’s a miserable pain, I once had a headache that lasted for 6 months! You sound like you have a lot going on right now so look after yourself as best you can. Your lovely pets will help you I’m sure

The headache has stayed away for today, Karen, so that is a good thing! Thanks!


Take care Jeff

I will do my best, Karen! Thank you!


Not the start to Frisatsu that you would have liked then Jeff... this flu virus has seemed to hit you hard..

Take things easy, get plenty of healthy fluids in you my friend and I hope that your Saturday portion will be a better day!


I supposed that it would, Nick! I haven't had anything slow me down like this since 2010, so I was long overdue, and when this happens, I do what I always do which is hit the bed and get rest!

The Saturday portion has been excellent so far. I slept in late, and now am on the computer for a bit.

I have been drinking plenty of water and some juice, so that has helped.

I hope your Saturday portion has been going well so far!


Hitting the bed and rest in sounds like a solid plan to me Jeffrey!

Happy to hear that your Saturday portion has been excellent so far!

I managed to escape the "lair" relatively unscathed this morning and made it back home, where the PP and I are making the most of the balcony pool in the baking heat..

They say it is only low 90's here but it feels a Lot hotter!!

Enjoy the rest of your day buddy!


It has been, Nick! I am feeling a lot better!

The Saturday portion has been quite relaxing!

Wow, I'm glad to hear that you're back to your balcony pool unscathed!

It feels a lot hotter here too!

I'm taking it easy for the most part today!


Happy to hear that you are feeling better Jeff and relaxation is the number one priority for the day!

The balcony pool will soon be put to bed as we are approaching 9pm here (to the disgust of my neighbours) 🤣

Get a quick kebab, then retire early myself my friend... I can't travel as well as I used to back in my youth!!


I am feeling great and should be ready enough to take anything important which comes down the road on Monday.

Don't anger the neighbors too much!


That is awesome news to hear my friend!!

And by the looks of things there aren't many neighbours here right now to anger... I think most of them are on holiday so even better for me!!


Thanks, Nick! I'm ecstatic too!

Let the party begin if all your neighbors are gone!


I've run into a few of the neighbours since returning yesterday, but the majority of the 80 odd apartments here do look empty right about now!!

And the party never ends here my friend!


Keep the party going for as long as you can!


When the party ends I will be in a hole in the ground my friend!


🤣🤣 But surely you jest, Nick!


Sounds to me like you could all do with a break away from the norm. You can`t` spend every waking day at work. I love the motorcycle, very nice. I would cruise all weekend on that, pitch a tent and fire up a barbecue! You look after yourself and I hope Monica feels better soon as well. Take care, stay safe.

You are right, Brian! I ride the bike a lot, mainly because many of my vehciles are borken down right now, hence why I have to work to get one of them reliable back up because that is how I make money in my business as a locksmith!

Thanks for your kind wishes, I believe that we are both getting back up to snuff!


Hi ya'll, I hope your all killing it. I'm just beginning my level 2 training now that I am a premium member. One of the first things I've done in level 2 is, buy my own domain and transfer my initial website over. As I did so, of course I needed to edit things to make things match the new domain. As I was doing so, I read my post(welcome page), I didn't like what I read. Now I've changed it around and re-wrote things, twice. I think its almost there if it isn't already. Id like to ask people to check it out and read it over. There isn't much to read, so it wont take too long. Please don't pat me on the back and tell me I am doin very well as a new person here. I need it straight and cold, opinions please, on everything and anything. Thanks in advance to those who afford me their opinions and advice!!

solarliving.net I likely should have mentioned the address in my previous post. ;)

Sounds awesome, Christopher!


Hi Chris, I’ve had a look at your website and it’s looking pretty good. I did notice some typos and errors in spelling and grammar. You could correct this easily by using Grammarly, or if you write in site content first, there’s a built in checker that you can use before you publish the post on your WordPress site. Keep going and your site will grow faster than you can imagine!

You almost certainly have Covid! Headache and exhaustion are key. Take it as easy as you can. Our veterinarian is a healthy looking guy and he collapsed in his house, passed out cold when he got it. He woke up to his dog licking him and little kids asking if he was ok. He stood up and passed out again!

It felt more like the flu to me, Jessica--which I have not had since 2010. I have taste and smell, did not pass out, still had a little appetite, just a splitting headache, and I have not had any headache since 2015. Either way, with rest and fluids, I feel a lot better and am improving by the day! Thanks for your kind words!


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