Fabulous Friday Frisatsu-Frigid, Fruitful, & Fantastic!

Last Update: Dec 9, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

The fire kept the eBay house quite warm last night, and for that, I was quite thankful! I also slept very well, even though Monica and Kevin both called me after I retired early! Those calls were both very nice though too!

When I got up, I got the fire going full speed again in short order, and then jumped right in the Wealthy Affiliate Community as I normally do daily, by habit!

Kitty even helped out a little, and today, I stress the words "a little"! She was there for a moment, and then gone in a flash.

I also carried some more firewood in sporadically all morning from the truck. It is close to being emptied now.

Monica called me just after 9:00 am, and we talked until I had to get ready to go do my scheduled locksmith job at Sonic drive in.

The day was chilly and dreary today, and I don't think that we ever made it to the forecast 40 degrees.

Still, the drive over there seemed pleasant enough. It wasn't too long before I arrived there.

The parking lot was virtually empty, which was not too surprising. I got right to work on the three glass door locks first.

When I finished with those, as suspected, I encountered some difficulties with the back door--i thought that I might. The locks on the rear were a discontinued model, and they proved to be difficult enough to do anything with that I had to come up with a work-around.

Of course, before making that final determination, I left and went across town to the locksmith shop house to determine if I had a part that I needed!

I could have sworn that I had what I needed, but after failing to find it, I ended up coming up with something else that would get the job done.

I finally finished up over there around 1:45 pm, and when I arrived back at the eBay house, I stoked the fire again, let the Blog Dogs outside, and then fed them their main meal of the day--this time with no drippings because I had no time to make myself eat at the time, because I had something else to attend to first.

They still ate in record time though. One would think by looking at them that they never got fed. Don't let them fool you!

After that was accomplished, I jumped back on the computer to play a little catch-up in the Wealthy Affiliate Community. That was when my buddy Kevin called to talk about a locksmith job he had up in Nebraska that had caused him some problems too. He was trying to squeeze this in before his shift at the railroad.

He should have his business up and running full time within two years. For now he takes jobs on the side, but his plans are to leave the railroad within the next 2.5 years. We commiserated with each of other for a few minutes, and then he had to clock in. He'll call when he gets off work too though.

I got the fire re-stoked again. This will be an ongoing process all evening! After it was going nicely, I decided that I would hit the bank before it closes to put in the proceeds from three locksmith jobs from the other day. Gotta keep those never-ending bills paid.

When I left, the Blog Dogs were enjoying the warmth of the fire form their beloved ottoman.

The weather had not changed at all--and I did not expect that it would have. Thankfully, the bank is only 8 to 9 blocks from the eBay house. When I got back, I began finishing up this blog post.

I did get the Kindle Vella Episode #8 completed, but I still have to edit it before I publish it.

Starting Episode #9 will consist of the balance of my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day.

Naturally, I will continue editing another blog post for my book promotion website too.

I am sure that Monica and I will talk again this evening, as well. For me, this has been a pretty good day today, all things considered.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Sounds like a decent enough start to Frisatsu Jeffrey and congratulations on landing another job my friend!


It definitely was a busy and productive one, Nick! I hope your Frisatsu has been going well, so far!


I'm still alive my friend and am counting down the minutes instead of hours now until a certain someone leaves the premises!!


Nothing much is happening at my side Jeff, got struck by covid19 (me and my daughter first, then wifey) but feeling much better now good thing the high fever was gone on Friday.
Hopefully, I can stick to my goal to be more consistent in 2023. So, I'm letting 2022 pass as it is currently!

Happy Frisatsu!

Wow, Rowe, I'm glad you all got past it, my friend! I have a few goals for 2023 that I will pursue! Let's see how it all goes!

Happy Frisatsu!


Morning Jeff. I've had my morning fix of coffee and Blog Dogs and am back in the land of the living. Great night's sleep - got a full 8 hours which is unusual for me.

I'm pleased to read you got to 'hit' your bank. You couldn't come over to the UK and 'hit' mine for me, could you? They deserve a smack in the gob for the small amount of interest I get on my savings. Don't get me started on bank charges. That one would be a kick in the 'you know where'. As for mortgage rates that's eye-gouging thrown in too. You can do the lot whilst you're here then I'll drop you off at the airport for your flight back to the USA.

Enjoy the day.


Buon giorno.


Top of the morning to you too Slavka ;-)


Jeff has to sleep,
are we disturbing him?

Jeff sorry🤗

Nah - he's out for the count Slavka. One too many last night when he went to the bar I suspect.


Well, who knows.
They'll let us know, I guess?


News flash. Kitty has confirmed Jeff Brown came back from the pub after drinking beer. He is currently crashed out on the sofa but does not need to be on a ventilator or life support. Bounce News Live will report on events as they unfold.

Oops, rough play Paul😉


Huh? What? Where am I?🤪🍺🙃

Pretty close.


I was wondering what all that racket they were making out the living room was about, Paul!

As for banks, I could go on and on, but unfortunately, they are a necessary evil.

I would get searched at the airprot, if we did that, and then they would find my cut of the loot,😲🙀

It's not a problem Jeff. You knock out the manager and hold the cashier at bay. If there's a security guard there kick him in the nuts first. I'll take the cash and leg it. We can meet up in Brazil and share the swag.


🤔🤔 That might work, Paul!

Only if I meet you in Brazil Jeff. That depends on how much swag we get.


We'll see what can be arranged, Paul! 😂

Slavka wants in now Jeff. Let's double-cross her. She does the dirty work while we leg it to Brazil with the money. Don't let on - it's our secret ;-) If she says I sent her a PM saying to double-cross you it's not true.


I will just dance right into the bank and whisk the money away, Paul! Be careful, I can be both charming and sneaky!


Uh, it's good, it finally settled down a bit.

Sounds like Michael Jackson on a bad day Jeff. Where did you get the photo that looks like me dancing? I was only going to the bar to buy a packet of crisps.


Uh, actually, that's me, and Kitty snapped the shot, Paul! 😹

Hi Jeff,
I had to take a cooking break yesterday, and relax! So I went to my friend's house with 5.6-pound beef tenderloin, $45 from Thanksgiving time, but I had fallen down in the yard, hurt myself, got better, and now needed to cook this thing.
Then for their grandkids who "like steak" a 3-pound at $2,77/pound London Broil with tenderizer for 1 hour, then season, same as the tenderloin, and then sear both on the grill, cook both to rare and let rest, (Rick's job.)
My friends are Rick and Gisele. So Gisele and I worked on sides. finishing Rick's red cabbage "steaks, Gisele made a salad with apples and salad greens, I made "smashed potatoes" using yukon potatoes with whole garlic big cloves, and whole onions, just cut off the root end and boil them all together.
Later drain, add ice to cool down the water, then you can smash the garlic out of it's skins and about the same with the onions, cut the yukons into thick slices, most of the XS water drained off, and add generous butter and olive oil, salt, and pepper. As it cooks and browns, we usually put Pace Picante sauce in it, and let it brown some more.

Set the table, Maybell! And we give thanks for food, and fellowship and adults eat before the grandkids come home!
The tenderloin melts in your mouth. R & G never had that before, so it was a real "hit." I love them so much they are such great friends!

We clean up and reset the table for the grandkids, and they enjoyed their food, and later we all had ice creams, costing $1.27 a package, so everyone was very full and happy.
Rick was going to change the license tag on my car but his back was hurting a lot, and I'd brought a plastic foot soaking tub and Epsom salt. Rick and Gisele's adult son, Gabe, just came home and was looking for dinner, so we got him to carry the hot water tub to Rick. and that helped relax Rick's sore back, and sore feet, he even started a fire in the pretty wood stove and went off to bed early. (they get up at 5:00 AM to make sure the grands get off to school).
Anyways everyone enjoyed this.

Many hands make light work!
Wished we could cook for you, Jeff, and our WA friends!

Wow, Suzay! That sounds like an awesome time was had by all, and the meal sounded delicious!

You got so many things done that were productive thorugh the day.

That is the way days should be, and it reminds me of when I am with my friend's Ron and Julie! Good friends are always the very best!

I'm sorry to hear you had fallen, and I hope you are doing much better now!

God Bless you, my friend!


Sounds like a great day, Jeff! Say, do they give you a free Blast when do a job at Sonic? Glad to hear you had a productive day with some social time too! Btw, I like the little pig up on the shelf in your shop house.

Have a nice evening!
Susan 🐶😹🐶

He probably would have if I had asked, Susan, but since it was so cold outside, I didn't want one. I did ask for a few onions though, and so I got those for free, and they are the large ones. Haha, my Harley Pig! 🐷 Would you believe that room was my living room when I was in my 20s.

You have a nice night too, my friend!


Totally understand, Jeff…but rings sound good too! Your living room has evolved into a shop with a mascot haha! He’s keeping an eye on you. 🐷

Thanks, Susan! I've gone in there before and got free Sonic blasts though! Yes! A friend of mine gave him to me, and yes, I DO feel eyes on me there!🐷👀

My Article Drops From Number One To Number Two Within 24 Hours

My Article was number one on Google if you search the words "millionaire Song App" on Google. Just this night, I found it has dropped to second place. Is it going to continue to drop daily? Anyone understands why its dropping in ranking? I will appreciate any help. Thank you

There are many people posting at all hours of the day, Isah! The competition will always be working, and so must you!


Once on Google anything can happen.
I had one post that floated around positions 1- 5 for about 8 months.
Then last month it was around 90 - 95.
A couple of days ago it was back around 5.
The see-saw doesn't stop.

Nice example there, Michael!


Great post and good that you had another productive day, Jeff.

Happy Frisatsu and enjoy the weekend!


Thank you, Myra! I trust that you did too!

Happy Frisatsu!


That's a productive day, for sure, though hectic.
So enjoy the rest of the day.

It sure was, Muslimah! I will enjoy the rest of the day! I hope you had an excellent day, as well!


I enjoyed your post, and your day went better than expected.

Thank you very much, Mollie! It certainly did! I hope you have had an excellent week, so far!


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