How To Keep Your Readers On Your Website Longer

Last Update: April 17, 2021

How long are your readers on your website, you should be watching this regularly. Google Analytics provides this information, so take advantage by bookmarking Google Analytics on your favorites. One-click and you are there, I have found it much easier to check by using this method.

My Main Priority Of Every Post

I make it a point to talk to my readers, so this is often difficult when starting out. Practice doing this with every post you write, you will find it will become natural in a short time. People will be more engaged when you are talking to them, so don't just post a bunch of facts and statistics at them.

  • One idea
  • One call to action
  • Avoid rambling
  • Stay focused on one topic
  • Tell your readers a story
  • Provide examples

These are your first rules to write down to follow, you will engage your readers by following these simple guidelines.

Engaging Opening Headline

Now you have a general post guideline to help you, so next, you need to learn how to be more creative with your opening line. Your main heading and your first paragraph are going to keep your readers interested or scare them away.

  • Strong introduction
  • Your first paragraph is your best chance they will read your entire article
  • Keep them in suspense about what is coming next
  • Short easy to understand words work the best
  • Short paragraphs
  • Enticing subheadings
  • Bullet points every chance you get

I hope I am doing a good job engaging you in this post, but if the reader is really not that interested in your topic they usually won't stick around long?

Keep It Simple

You want to avoid writing over your reader's heads, so remember everyone who comes to your website is not highly educated. Keep your wording as simple as you can, you could chase readers away if you don't learn how to do this?

  • Avoid technical terminology
  • Scientific words are best to avoid as well
  • Replace any long words with shorter ones when possible
  • Don't bore your readers with facts and statistics

Remember, you are going to have people interested with no prior experience with your niche. You want to break your post into manageable steps, so more subheadings with less information work the best.

Show People You Are Human

The biggest mistake people make is being too business-like, you can be professional without sounding like your blog is just a business. Share your own experiences, so let your readers get to know you as a person.

  • Never talk down to your readers
  • Be unique from your competitors
  • Provide the benefits without being a salesperson
  • Be a teacher to your readers
  • Let your visitors know you really care about helping them

Energizing your readers with emotions will keep them interested, You must come off as a positive person. Add some humor, and surprise them with bonus gifts. Read your post several times before posting it, you must put yourself in the shoes of your reader.

Thank you for being my readers,


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