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November 19, 2016
I recently migrated from an old version of Joomla! to the latest and it was a tragedy. I could not fix the database and it wreck havoc on my site because I lost my articles from 2012 until half of this year. It was a difficult decision to do because I migrated to a new host that promised me to speed up my site and while it did happen, my site's content was lost.In other words, my only solution is to load them to the database one by one. It was hard work but after 1 month I think that I have don
One thing I learned about blogging is never to commit to reviewing too much when you have limited time. Now that the new anime season is up and wow, there are some really new awesome anime, I'd be selecting one show this season.I'm still deciding which one, but there is an anime called The Great Passage, about making a dictionary. The timeline is late 1980s when the internet is just starting to make a presence. A dictionary is like a ship that helps someone navigate a sea of words!Sounds like a
I recently migrated to another web host after more than four years at Servage GMBh, which held offices in Germany. I'm now with A2Hosting and before I made the switch, I ask them specifically about page loading speed and site performance issues.Apparently, since I'm only on shared hosting my previous host cannot allow me to configure my site based on certain speed and site optimization options, including gzip compression and CSS, Javascript loading, among others.As shown below, you can imagine
Hello everyone! This is my 3rd blog post and one of the things I have learned through the years is to use the best programs when it comes to developing my website. I think that investing money on proven software are essential to a site's success. Of course, the definition of success is not limited to the number of visitors you have but also your google search ranking (and maybe alexa?) and being mentioned by other sites as an "authority". There are plenty of criteria and I will post something o
The plans excluding the financial goals are actually my major reason for joining. I want to have a clearer vision of what my site will be for the next few years. I don't want to stay working for someone. I want to be my own boss. The next 10 days. I support my family back in the Philippines so whatever is left with me here go to my food and some entertainment. I have the budget to go for a premium membership, but salary will be credited after the 10th of October. I wish I can be premium member
September 24, 2016
I have been using Joomla! since 2007 to build my website. I always wanted to learn how to use WordPress so going through the steps here, I may have to work double time to appreciate this content management system.I'm also thinking of resuming my review of the latest anime from Japan. My long term plan is to enable my site to be an authority not only in Japanese movies but animation as well.