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Last Update: July 28, 2014

Well as the training progresses, so do I. My 2nd website is up and is open review and comment.. Had trouble aligning text, check the getting started tab. Thanks again to all the support ..Love Learning in WA.....


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Trialynn Premium
Great start! Just keep working, all will fall into place!
philp Premium
Hi jmjoann56, Strewth! Your ahead of me! well done.
davyrobot Premium
Hi Jean! -- Coming along nicely!

All the very Best

** Have a Great Productive Day! **

RussStewart Premium
Well done for your efforts but I think you need to get more content and info on the site so we can help you more.

Try not to make it like a sales type site, more of and information hub where visitors get can info and if they like it they can click your respective links.

As okydoky said, it's early days.

Personally I would not try to build two sites at once. Just focus on either the WA affiliate bootcamp or developing your own niche as they both require plenty of content to get ranked etc.

NB: By the way, you use the term 'Wealthy Affiliates' a few times, best to change it to 'Wealthy Affiliate' as that is the actual name.

Cheers Russ
JeanR Premium
Thanks Russ for the input. I see what you mean a sales pitch. Got to work on that. .And I'm really working on the WA bootcamp niche. Ty
dw13 Premium
Spot on Russ. Totally agree with all you said
okydoky Premium
Hello Jean. Your site still needs work to be done but it's only early days yet. If you learn and build just a bit daily your site will look better in 7 days. It will be better still in 14 days. It will improve every day that you build something onto it. It just takes time.
JeanR Premium
Thanks for checking. Being a newbie I still have a lot more to learn. One day at a time. Thanks again. Much Success to you. .