Singles Day - Not Just in China anymore!

Last Update: November 10, 2018

Singles Day is November 11th. Though this holiday originated in China, like Black Friday it is rapidly growing into a worldwide event. Merchants around the globe are now offering Singles Day deals to shopper hungry for a sale. Smart bloggers are taking advantage of this by highlighting this opportunity.

Though there's little time this year to still promote Singles Day, consider adding this to your 2019 editorial calendar to take advantage of the huge retail that occurs in early November too.

Here's an article from (yes, my company!) that offers some tips on maximizing Singles Day sales:

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CandP Premium
Didn't know about this. Thanks for the information, Jeannine!
Colette and Philip
Fleeky Premium

Unknown to me...
Thank you for sharing...
FKelso Premium
Good tip -- thank you.
JessicaGuz13 Premium
Wow, interesting!

The best part is single or not everyone can reap the benefits!!

Who doesn’t love a DISCOUNT:)
smartketeer Premium
Thanks for sharing Jeannine!

I didn't know :)