Just for Fun, Besides WA, What was Your Best BF Purchase?

Last Update: Nov 29, 2021

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I’ll confess, I went shopping a lot on Black Friday. Wore the numbers off the credit card, so to speak!

The purchase I’m happiest about is definitely a new laptop – a Samsung with just enough bells and whistles to make me turn out content like crazy, while staying within my budget. Besides that, there were new wifi dog collars for my two escape-artist Siberian Huskies, a new suitcase and gifts like sweaters and toys for family and friends.

So this is your chance to brag about what a great shopper you are! What great deal did you take advantage of on Black Friday?

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How exciting about your new laptop!

I didn't actually buy anything other than the upgrade to Premium Plus here. I deliberately deleted all of the emails that came into my inbox about it because there wasn't anything I needed. I usually love a bargain but I'm watching my $ at the moment :)

What are the wifi dog collars? You just reminded me I need a dog collar with a light on it. I can't see my little black pug when we go for walks after dark :)

I hope you're enjoying your new laptop.


The FI collars have a transmitter/tracker on them that will ultimately let me know via an app where my dogs are at. That way if they get loose, we will know exactly where they are, down to the address.

There are definitely some fun collars with lights on them!

Jeannine, I had no desire for any of the deals being offered except for upgrading to annual premium. Nothing else I saw could match the value of WA so I quit the spending there. The new lap top does sound nice, though.

Other than WA, Jeannine, nothing! I have no budget for it, but I did buy a refurbished Del Desktop to replace my back up one which crapped out! (Likely the power supply), but at only $128 from the same company I get all my computers from, it might as well have been a BF deal!


Wow, that sounds like a great deal! Tax deductible too!

That is one of the requirements of our online world - you have to have a computer. I know you'll use it to create something amazing!

Yes, Jeannine, it is, and I hope to use it to continue doing what I am doing! I prefer the desktops over the mobile!

Have an excellent evening, my friend!


More power to you, my friend! It would make me crazy trying to do everything via a mobile device. Not with these old eyes!

I find that answering comments is about the only thing that is relatively easy to do on mobile! Everything else, I need the PC, for the same reason--these old eyes!


The other BF purchase I was pleased with was very small (having shot my budget here). I got a set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons to replace my plastic ones.

That's a fantastic purchase. It's not a small thing when you are cooking! I actually had new measuring cups on my Christmas Wish List about 3 years go. Enjoy!

Yes! Is not just the great discount, but the valuable training as premium plus. 😊😊

Thanks, yeah, but that's not what this post is about.

What else did you buy on Black Friday????

Just upgraded my membership. Thats all 😁😁.

If there was anything to buy that day, that was the best thing for sure!

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