Does Your Merchant Offer BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later)?

Last Update: Jul 10, 2022

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BNPL, or Buy Now, Pay Later, is a rapidly growing option consumers are using to buy the items they want now but pay over time.

Companies like Klarna partner with merchants to offer BNPL to their customers. Klarna joins the merchant’s affiliate program, then in conjunction with the merchant, offers shoppers the chance to use the Buy Now, Pay Later option to complete their purchase. The consumer is charged a slight amount for the service but doesn’t have to go through the normal credit checks associated with a credit card or line of credit.

The Gen Z generation is most likely to use BNPL. It’s estimated that over 55% of Gen Z digital buyers over the age of 14 will use the service at least once this year. 48.6% of Millennials employ BNPL while only 31% of Gen X will do so. Baby Boomers are least likely to Buy Now Pay Later, with just 16.3% using the process.

Fintechs such as Apple are embracing BNPL because it enables young buyers without credit to still finance smaller purchases. It’s forecast that the average US user will spend more than $1000 next year using a BNPL service, with a total value of almost $95 billion!

What does this mean for you?

When choosing a merchant, especially for larger ticket items, see if they offer a BNPL option. This will enable more of your readers to purchase the products meaning you’ll generate more sales and earn more commissions.

Recent Comments


Thanks for the suggestion. It's kind of like the old layaway plan.

It is very much like the old layaway plan, just with a third party collecting the payments. It's been fun to watch the concept literally explode with success!

Thanks, Jeannine!

That's great info! 😊

Glad you liked it, Frank. Just one more idea to help you maximize commissions!

Thank you for this important information.


It's a hugely growing option, so it's good to know for sure.

PayPal has offered this for a while, Jeannine. I was aware that others were starting to do this too. This is great to know!


Yup, there are actually several companies offering it. PayPal actually started offering it after seeing Klarna's success. There are 3-4 major companies in the sector, and some minor ones trying to break in. Glad you liked the info!

Unfortunately, PayPal offers this in some countries and not others. In the US, yes. In Canada, nope! No lending services at all. 😢


I do, indeed, and it makes we want to delve a bit further!

Thanks, as always Jeannine!


🤔 I did not know that, Darlene! Thanks for the update. I wonder why?


Actually Klarna offers the service in quite a few countries, including Canada.

Because of the services PayPal offers, they are forced to comply with many other regulations which can prevent them from working in other countries. Klarna does one thing only, BNPL, so it is much easier for them to work with dozens of other countries, so don't give up on Canada just yet!

That's good information to know too, Jeannine!


That is definitely a "good to know" piece of info.

Thanks for sharing,

It's one of those factors that most affiliates don't consider, but if you do, it can make a nice difference in your commissions. Thanks for checking it out!

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