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I'm halfway through course 4 of WA Bootcamp. I guess my skepticism is kicking in at this point. Obvi, I haven't seen any results from my webpage, which is fine.. I understand it's still new and I haveta wait for it to be indexed and stuff. I'm not a fan of the video part. I don't like watching videos explaining content on a website. When I click on a webpage and a video starts screaming at me, I immediately close the window. No joke. So I'm not going to be adding video to my WA site. I'm sure
Well, here I am. About a month into things, and feeling pretty good about my progress. I've been adding content and blogs, fine tuning my pages, so some of the "breaks" in bootcamp were not needed.. yay! Blah blah blah.. anyway! I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's websites come along. I've made a lot of connections here with people of all levels of training; it's very exciting! Thank you all for your input, questions and answers. There's been a lot of insightful tips, blogs, info and posts th
February 20, 2014 Here it is so far. Of course I still have a ways to go, but lemme know what you think so far! I am completely open to suggestions and critiques!
February 19, 2014
So, I received an email with the subject that someone was having a hard time with their home page (cyberchimps were all over it). I read every email from WA that I get. Reading people's ideas or questions helps me along the way, too. So, I dove into the email. When I followed the link to her website, I discovered that she was using the same theme that I was.. and OHH BOY is it hard to figure out how to edit it! So I immediately messaged back! I had spent some time playing around with it to see
February 16, 2014
Well then. In doing my research I found some pretty cool approaches to presenting the facts. I was once told by an English teacher that I had a lot of "voice" in my writing. Sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes it's off-putting. Regardless- I love writing content out the way I would talk it out, and that's what I'm gonna stick with... minus any expletives that I may pepper into a conversation with friends. Does anyone else write it as they would speak it, or do you prefer to be all profes
February 13, 2014
So I've spent a good part of my day researching other affiliate training programs. Whew.. what a long day! Very limited access to any information in a lot of cases, big turn off right there. I set up a separate email to sign up for these things to do my research.. I'm eager to see if the new email will be spammed by a bunch of stock follow up emails. I love researching things, don't get me wrong. I think most of us do, which is how we ended up here.. I guess it just seems a bit tedious since I'
February 11, 2014
Well, I'm almost done with the "meat" of my first website.. and I'm pretty proud of it! I don't have much time to dedicate during the day, it's mostly at the end of the night when the babies are sleeping, but I'm getting there! I'm super excited about all of this, and I've gotten several of my friends to try this, too. It's exciting to see all of us working on this, and hopefully moving into a new career path. My WA family has been so helpful, so a great big thank you to all of you! I've stumb
Hello all! I apologize for not addressing you each individually, but I am here to send my gratitude to each and every one of you for following me! I appreciate all the help and positive comments and feedback, and look forward to working with you all! I am currently working through the bootcamp, and loving it. Thanks to all of you, from the bottom of my heart. I am truly grateful!
February 05, 2014
Well, I took the plunge. I signed up for the premium membership. I am currently an unemployed mommy of 4 whose savings is dwindling. I am super excited to get this rolling and start earning so I can continue to stay at home with my kids/babies! Ive worked retail for over 20 years, and I'm looking forward to being home for my kids, instead of being at work for the masses (who are even less grateful than a grumpy 5 year old!) I've seen a lot of help offered by reading blogs and other posts.. I kn
Finally diving into this (babies are sleeping). SO much info..but so interesting! I was reminiscing of my school days last week, as we were touring schools for my middle son (so many to choose from!). The smells, the excitement of a new year, taking in all of the information and learning! That's the part of my youth I miss the most! I worked retail management for 16 years.. I felt like the only thing I was learning was about their company, beliefs and strategies. I could regurgitate policies an