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Happy New Year to all you East Coast folks and those WA family members around the world. I'm in So Cal, where it's only 10:30 . . . My daughter and I are staying home this year. Trying to do our part to keep from having another huge Covid outbreak in two weeks, after all the parties and gatherings tonight and tomorrow. I am sincerely hoping 2021 sees a slow-down to that monster. Our hospitals are overflowing....paramedics and doctors have to work on patients in tents in the parking lots. It'
This quote is so fitting . . . I spent a day or two, going through the site and looking to see what it was Wealthy Affiliate had to offer. Then, after looking into other sites, I knew this one was for me (more about that later)...but, if I was going to do this, I needed to do it right, so I upgraded to a premium membership and I knew an ADVENTURE was beginning for me! One that I am thrilled to start! One that I've been looking for, without knowing that's what I wanted. An adventure that brings
December 19, 2020
So, I decided if you are going for it, you have to do it right! And you have to take advantage of everything they are offering. I know that $20 isn't much to most of you, but unfortunately to a few of us, it's a lot . . . a tank of gas or a quick run to the grocery store, or the utility bill . . . When I lost my job, I never thought I would be looking at being homeless but that's where I am. So it really was a big deal for me to spend this money and to know it is going to be more next month. B