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June 05, 2016
I've got five kids. As you can imagine my house gets really loud sometimes. It's amazing to see what happens in my house when someone says "why?" My kids get really quiet and grab the encyclopedias. They sit and wait the explanation. Last night was a sleep over night. (Seven teenagers) and my younger two. On asleep over nights girls sleep down the hall the boys sleep in the living room and I "sleep" in between them all. George the youngest of them and his first sleep over at our house asked why
June 04, 2016
Let me help you out! I would love to help increase traffic. So if you're reading this send me a link to your website ( If you're comfortable with it) and I'll share it on my Facebook page. The people on my page have a wide variety of interest including, but limited to; camping, cars, gaming, DIY, crafts, gardening, body building, and holistic healing. They will be posted in the order I receive them. If you'd just prefer feedback or comments let me know and I'll provide that as well. Have an ama
June 03, 2016
For May my goal was build a website with good health status in the niche off recovery and mental health. That goals been accomplished and continues to thrive. For the month of June at least one post a day will be dedicated too the awareness of a mental disorder. (Most self medicated disorders lead to addiction) Bringing awareness to this will lead to better solutions.Along with that endeavor I plan on jumping into a "Pinup" niche. I'm slightly obsessed with Pinup and all things surrounding what
June 02, 2016
Site health awesome!! Are you getting this? How stinking awesome is that? I know I usually write about my kids in my blogs here (they are every reason I'm still here), but I'm proud of this. A little more than six years ago I was facing a lot. My anxiety was so awful that was borderline agoraphobic. (Scared to leave My house) and now I'm in the beginning stages of being able to help so many get through things I've faced. I remember a day when the only thing that had value about me was the fact
For thirteen years I've been a stay at home mother. I've raised my kids, watched my nieces and nephews, and being the neighborhood mother. I've been here for sad days, great days, and days we all wish we could forget. Today was one of the great days. We went on a walk, two miles each way. During our walks every kid gets a grocery bag. Today they each brought three bags. Between myself and the kiddos we had eighteen bags of garbage. The kids did great at identifying animals, plants, and cars (my
May 30, 2016
Remembering is easy,It's all I ever do.Your eyes, your voice,Everything 'bout you.Forgetting is so hard,Though they say you rest in piece.Forgetting that you're gone,Kills every part of me.I'll reach to hold your hand,Late on summer nights.And I'll search for your embrace,Everytime I cry.But you're no longer here,And its hard too face the truth.Forgetting that your gone,Is what my mind can't do.They say memorial day is to remember those that left before us. I don't need to remember them. That p
May 28, 2016
We get told fairy tales all through life. The shinning Prince that rescues the princess from some dismal situation. Finding beauty in frogs and beasts. As we get older we start to understand those are just stories. The problem with that realization is we start believing other things are just dreams as well. Things that we shouldn't lose faith in. Things like working hard will reap great benefits and if we try hard enough we can accomplish anything.Believing in your dream enough to work for it i
May 27, 2016
My first job will fall under the very simple title of "Mother". Now I know things here are usually pretty work oriented, but this is an explanation for why I chose this path as a career.Had I been working outside the there's a great chance I would've missed a great memory. One of the children spilt the new laundry soap on the floor. And then real genius came up.... soak up the soap with flour!! That inevitably led to a flour fight. There's a lot of people that cringe at a mess that large. I'm o
In the past weeks I've learned a lot about creating a website with value. I thought that would be the most valuable thing from all of this. I was extremely wrong. I've learned more about myself, in the short time I've been with WA, than I did in my entire school career.I'm not going to play down the amount of work I've put into this. Its taken every free minute I've got to get this going, but I couldn't be happier. I received a message today on FB today. Someone was recommended to my site by a
May 22, 2016
It's really easy to get excited about something new. But then it becomes something routine. We lose stamina and excitement.We all get this stagnant moment where we think to ourselves "Is this really worth it?" "Am I good enough to turn this into something?" "Is this something I actually want?" I would like to offer some comforting know all answer, but I can't. What I can offer is this....If you don't take a chance on yourself then you will regret it. This place will give you unlimited resources