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June 16, 2016
This isn't a monetary post. I was called into a secret shop job today. It was suppose to be an easy in and out quick consultation. I get there I'm waiting in the office, filled out the papers, and am watching the movie they have on a reel. I notice one of the staff members poking her head around the door. She's kind of watching me, which made me nervous, finally she came over and smiled at me. I said "Hello?"She smiles really big " I'm Liz!!" she was really excited. " I'm Jennifer" I extend my
June 15, 2016
I was involved in a conversation today that led into passions and the wish "that we could get paid to do what we loved" Of course I say "I do"....SILENCETwenty minutes or so goes by...."I don't think you understand what I'm saying. I mean like if I could get paid to go camping I'd never be home... wouldn't that be cool?".... I paused for effect..."No, I knew what you meant, I do"... another few moments pass "So you get paid to do nothing?".... I sent them one of my WA centered post and said "wh
June 14, 2016
I continuously witness folks struggling with finding their niche. I'm going to offer some helpful Ideas. I hope you find them beneficial as well.Pick your top 3 passions. Don't allow yourself to become lost in ALL the ideas. When you start making money you'll be able to buy more Domains and approach the other niches in your own time. Write one page on each subject. This will show you which topic flows easiest for you.Find affiliate programs for each idea as well. This will show you which niche
Here at WA we learn something all the time. Whether it's business or personal it seems we're always exposed to something new. Here's your something new about me. I'm learning sign language via music videos. I learn best with music I cant retain information if there isn't music playing somewhere. I figured since I plan on doing tutorials for make-up, hairstyles, and clothes for my pinup page I should make an honest attempt to connect with everyone I can reach. Wish me luck in learning this new p
In a typical day I'm actually quite simple to get along with.people in my life have described me as the "old school house mouse" or my personal a "domestic submissive". I'm fine with being seen this way. Because for anyone that really knows me knows that is only a piece of me.Yesterday, I'm not sure why, but it seemed as though the population of Utah had secretly conspired to see where my breaking point was. A lot of things piled up really fast that all came across as bearable. And then a mothe
June 11, 2016
I woke up this fine morning to the summer storm. We were celebrating my nieces fifth birthday today and some were bummed about the weather conditions. My two youngest and I decided to start a war no one could win or lose. We started a water fight. The other adults were skeptical, but changed their tunes when they got the water hose. Lol. By the end of it the storm one we were all soaked, but happy and relaxed. Most of the adults were resting while others were doing something with the children.
June 10, 2016
Everything that ever happens in life begins with a thought. Whether it's good or bad all of it began with a singular thought. I'm going to share with you my morning routine. 1. Wake up 2. Express my gratitude. (For the ability to rest and to wake) as simple as it seems not everyone is always lucky enough to experience these simplicities every day.3. Start a positive thought cycle. Today will provide many great opportunities to learn something new. I have overcome every obstacle thus far and the
June 09, 2016
The other day I wrote a blog about being frustrated. The kind comments alone were enough to get me back into a good head space and thought cycle. For that I truly thank all of you! But then I was also shown generosity of a very giving soul. And was given a lap top to help ease my frustrations. Its coming in the mail. I can't even begin to tell you what that did for me. I will be able to accomplish so much more now. I would've never expected that finding this community would bring so much fulfil
June 07, 2016
When starting anything you should have an account of who you are. Things like what do you like? What are your limits? What are your beliefs and why? You should also have a strong sense of where you Hope to go.... This is why we have goals. Its not purely for show. A goal of who you want to become will ultimately decide the best way to get there. I am currently a mother that's spent a long time learning that what was hard made me stronger. I want to become a mother that put those strengths into
June 06, 2016
I started this whole thing from my cell phone. I don't currently have computer access (that will change with future success), but it has limited me which is slightly aggravating. Memory space is being a real jerk when it comes to starting the pinup site, I will have up and going by the end of June. It will not come without some choice language and threats to throw my phone at the wall though. On a positive note I have discovered a working schedule for myself and the children's summer schedules.