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June 27, 2016
There are times when we can write and we get amazing content. We feel inspired or just more focused than at other times. There are times when we can write, but we need extra motivation and perhaps a few more breaks. Then there are times when we shouldn't write at all. If you are not focused at all or you really don't like the topic. Then don't write it. You are going to hurt your website more than help it. Readers can tell when you trying to fill an article with "fluff". Never publish when you
June 25, 2016
All progress should be acknowledged and celebrated in some way. This is me acknowledging my progress.As of tonight I am ranked with WA at 58 :) continuing the progress...I hope to be in the top 50 or better by the end of JulyI have 3 websites that I am dedicated to. Continuing the progress... I plan to have one more site about living well by the end of JulyI am advancing in sign language Continuing the progress... I hope to have 300 words or phrases completely learned by the end of JulyI am lea
I've got a natural child like nature. For those that get to know me you'll understand I'm different. I still listen for sleigh bells on Christmas, I chase the other end of the rainbow, I make a wish on birthdays and shooting stars. I color to relax and still have to watch Disney movies after horror movies and I'm scared of the dark and clowns.But I'm also genuinely curious like most children. I want too know the how, where, what, and why of everything. Because of this I ask a lot of questions.
June 23, 2016
I'm the beginning of something great!This is a mantra I tell myself every morning. It's also something I tell my children before they walk out of the door. It's not because I believe there's something so different about my children or myself, but because we all have the ability to make a great change everyday.The measurement of man is only equal to his measurement of himself!Saying number 2. Though it's said second it's value equals what's said first. It doesn't matter how great others measure
June 22, 2016
Focus: The ability to be able to give a particular "thing" your undivided attention.For any stay at home parent, you know that complete focus is a rarity. Even chores or having fun with the children requires divided focus. When running an online business it works best if you can dedicate undivided focus to your content. Finding that can be difficult. From tonight on I'll make sure to implement focus on the word.F- Freedom from the unimportant distractionsO- Ordering my priorities.C- Consistency
June 21, 2016
I've scheduled my days very carefully. Time management is a great tool. I will always back that time management is important. I've forgotten to schedule in some quiet time. Today, the kids and myself had a service day. We went to the elderly or disabled neighbors and pulled weeds or helped with chores. Then we took off to the lake. When we got home I went out on my balcony and just took a breath. That lasted almost an hour. I decided I needed to add that hour to my schedule. Have any of you had
When everything goes left...GO RIGHT!! We have a lot of choices in life. One choice we face several times every single day is "How am I going to let this affect me?" Most people go left on this and they will feel whatever naturally comes.I say go right. You decide what you'll allow to take place. Because everything, good or bad, can grow us or break us and ultimately we decide which one happens. We will decide several times a day to be irritated, happy, sad, or defeated.... It's okay to feel al
KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! It's your past. Do you open the door? Do you wallow in the company? NO! You smile and say "Hey I remember you. You're the doubt that said I wouldn't be here. And yet, look where you've come to find me." Sometimes your past coming back to visit isn't a bad thing. In fact it never has to be a bad thing. You'll get a very good reminder of what you thought was impossible and what you've proven since then.A drinking buddy came over today... She wanted to catch up... she brought
When you believe in what you're promoting then it comes naturally. When working with products and companies you use and trust content will come so much easier. My values Will always dictate what I can promote. For example there are affiliate programs for recovery centers. I will NOT affiliate for a recovery center that promises a "cure". I do not now nor will I ever believe there's a "cure" for addiction. Not only that, but I firmly believe that the mindset of being cured sets addicts up for fa
June 17, 2016
Father's day is this Sunday. I see all these posts about about "loving their dad". There was a point in my life that I could not care less about this holiday. I carried a lot of hate then. But, this weekend I'll be separating a list of people I use to once ignore.Forgiveness did nothing for them. They could not understand why I'd even need to forgive them.... They had no idea that I had been holding on to things that were a part of the past. They continued life as though nothing ever happened..