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July 10, 2016
Naw I am just kidding. I'm entirely to lazy to get involved in a war. My only war beings and ends with my lazy side not wanting to work and my ambitious side saying "bite me we're going to do this." My lazier side won last night and for most of today. Thank goodness my ambitious self got restless LOL.I sincerely hope you have all had a rested, but productive weekend. I'm heading into Monday well rested and ready to chase dreams. Lets hope ambitious me doesn't want to sleep in tomorrow.
July 08, 2016
If we fall down and don't get up then we lose....It is that simple. If you do not want to fail then get back up. Today has been a rough day I will get back up because staying down is not something I know how to do, but I'm going to lay down for a little bit and lick the wounds for a minute
July 07, 2016
The amazing words of my angel "I'll keep walking, because if I stop walking I'll never get where I'm going"- Amanda Nelson.... She was talking about going to the store and it being hot, but still will be my new philosophy for awhile
July 05, 2016
In my family (much like everyone else's) there is a method to most of the madness. For my family that method has usually been call Jenny. Now, before my addiction, I didn't give myself enough worth to say no. It didn't matter that I had my life to live. I would drop everything to "help" anyone else.Why would I put quotes around the word help. The reason I did that is because I rescued people, but didn't teach them to fix things on their own. I had become co-dependent on their dependency. When
July 04, 2016
Today my kiddos and I will be out lighting fireworks listening to music they can't stand lol. It's their turn to play with the explosives so it's my turn to choose the music. Anyhow every time I pick the station a specific song comes on...No shoes, No shirt, No problem.... LOL It's the story of my life. An island girl stuck in a mainland life bwhahahhaAt least working for myself I can still exercise the no shoes no shirt no problem philosophy. Yall have a safe and happy day
July 02, 2016
I was born much weaker,so you could be my strength.I was born for distance,you'd help me travel that length.I was born with pure love,flowing through my veins.Born to one I thought,could help me pull my reins.Instead you took my pieces,broke them all in two.Crying through it all,there's nothing I could do.You're anger turned to rage,and I became the crutch.The one that felt the beating,the child that took so much.Every time you lost a job,or spilled water on the floor.I became you venting post,
July 01, 2016
I am one of those people that can get caught on one imperfect detail, to the point of madness, if I allow it. They way a picture blurs, how a tint can change my entire mood. There's several things that I could fixate on. So how do I push past that weakness?I have set limits and schedules to help keep from over analyzing. I force myself to stay on that schedule so I'm not wasting useful time on useless tasks. If I'm writing an article I schedule breaks at the hour mark for fifteen minutes. It sc
June 30, 2016
In life we have givers and takers. The role tends to switch based on circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in. However, there are those people that LIVE and exist solely in a takers role. They are what we call a succubus.They will take...take your energy, take your money, take your inspiration....If you allow them too they will take everything and they will return it with nothing (if you're lucky) if you aren't lucky they will return it by making you feel guilty or responsible for
June 29, 2016
We have all been involved in the chase, on some level. We chase perfection, dreams, love, and the future. I've always thought "how silly is it that we chase things that can't logically run?" Not saying I've never been involved in the chase heck sometimes I feel like I run the marathon.Here's some very important information that could help in the chase...Realize that goals need to be met before catching anything. There is nothing that is worth anything that will be easy to obtain.With a defined
June 28, 2016
They are my biggest inspiration and today on a trash walk we came up with Family activities for a the recovering families. Seriously they are my little muses so while I get to working on that page over the next couple of days everything else will take a small back seat. (with exception of expanding my social media skills). I wanted to leave some inspiration here before I jump into something newEvery journey whether it's a million miles or a few steps begins with a step. If you're here to do so