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August 13, 2016
Yea I went MIA it was for good reason, but not very fair to everyone here. For that I apologize. While I am no longer on track for getting my rank where to where it needs to be I am on track for book #2 and getting my Websites where I want them. How are all of you? I have really missed yall :) Have there been any fun changes?
July 28, 2016
Not in my advancements here, but still not fun. Today's been a high pain day. Even days like today can teach you some wonderful things.My eleven year old taught me that every story (no matter the plot line) when told correctly can be absolutely captivating. My twelve year old then taught me how to make goo from cornstarch, water, and something else. His friends taught me that a group of teenage boys can effectively clean a goo mess pretty quickly and contrary to popular belief when push comes t
July 27, 2016
I finished book one as most of you know. This accomplishment led to me having to begin again. This isn't a bad thing. I'm pleased to have finished one goal and excited to on the cusp of a new one coming to the light of reality. An old classmate saw my last accomplishment and said congratulations. I said thank you and then they asked me why I felt I could dream so big.....That question became the inspiration behind one of the poems that will be in the next book....I hadn't thought of my ambition
July 25, 2016
Okay so goals and updates for July....I made the top fifty *great big smiles* and thank you to everyone that helped me get this far!!I got my first book published and have sold a few copies through amazon.My websites are growing slowly, but steadily.I have helped six people find and check into a rehab. (This is my biggest accomplishment)Goals from now until the end of AugustI hope to have all three websites in awesome health and for each one to be thriving.Book #2 to be published To be in top 2
If you're a Garth Brooks fan you know where this post is going. If you are not a Garth Brooks fan then maybe you'll learn why I am LOL."But you've got to be tough,when consumed by desire.Cause it's enough,just to stand outside the fire."I use to think that people that could jump fully into something literally risking so much of themselves.for something they want were crazy. Why would you invest so much into something with the possibility of falling so very hard? I couldn't grasp the risk to pay
July 21, 2016
I don't like when I'm reading through questions and discussions and I see a negative Nancy. You know the ones.... I can't come up with my own ideas....I didn't make money in the first day like everyone said I would.... Why do I have to pay....No one forced anyone to come to this website. Can we quit playing the victim cause you thought this would be a cake walk? Here's the truth if doing this is important to you then you will find a way if not you will find an excuse! It's the simplest truth ev
Some of my family has recently asked me... Are you rich? The answer is no. I'm by no means rich. I don't believe I'll ever be money rich I hate money to much to have a lot of it LOL. I am, however, rich in wisdom. I'm also rich in experiences, love, life, and friends. I maintain a luxury of being comfortable and happy. That happiness has apparently given some the impression that I have a lot of money....That reality made me sad for those in my life. I understand their unhappiness so much better
July 17, 2016
Not all at once and not without careful thought and effort, but it does get better. Today and this weekend brought with it a few great surprises. All of which were needed. I owe all of you so much love and appreciation for your out pouring of love and support. Thank you so very much for everything you all did and said.
July 13, 2016
Emotionally I'm still in numbville/livid. I imagine I'll be here for awhile. I've been in touch with several family members of the little girl who aren't willing to help or participate if the parents are allowed to go they are blaming them at this point. I tried paying the mortuary and the dad went in right behind me trying to claim a refund.... SO other than numb I am beyond livid. Some people make me believe there's nothing left in the world worth fighting for....Thank god for my kids otherwi
July 11, 2016
I'm fortunate in life, my views on death make me seem untouched by it. I have found comfort in this concept lately though. There's been three suicides and two "natural" deaths of very close people over the last few days. I am able to get funeral plans and all that fun stuff handled because my emotions are checked. Tonight, however, I have almost lost it a couple times. My attempt to compartmentalize everything fell apart today with the loss of a child to suicide... I am broken tonight