Too Important For Me Huh!

Last Update: September 19, 2017

I was looking for images to put on a blog post about a certain product. I wrote a question for the WA community on how to find images on the manufacturers website. The answer was to look for a press link or media link. So anyways I goes on over there to e-mail this company to ask if they can help. This was their response after waiting quite a bit.

"Hi Jason – thank you for your patience! Regrettably we are unable to assist you with your request at this time, but will be in touch should our need for affiliate reviews increase."

I guess I am not important enough for them. What would you write to them in a reply? They sound really arrogant in this reply don't you think? I think they are one of the top brands in my niche though so I can't drop them although am tempted.

I just asked for a few images for a blog post and they wouldn't even do that. I am just a little peeved right now.

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MJL71 Premium
Yeah, that's pretty unfair. But I guess the best thing is to move on and find something that works. Thanks for the heads-up.
MrKent Premium
At least you got a reply, I wrote them and they just ignored me. What a joke, I'm trying to promote their items and get them sales and they treat me like dirt. What a bunch of ingrates.
jbguitar Premium
I agree. They are jerks. I'm not writing about that product on my blog. Their loss hahaha
Carol46 Premium
Nice one! Perhaps just say thank you for all your help! (tongue in cheek of course)
MKearns Premium
A turndown email. I hate those things. Sometimes I think there is such an aversion to his that a lot of members play in the sandbox of canned rankings instead until the rug gets pulled out from under that as well!