Just Really Frustrated With Feedback Right Now

Last Update: August 11, 2019

I just got feedback from someone telling me to get a social feedback plugin so I can share my content(I have Simply Sociable). He also told me to get a favicon( I have a favicon!) a professionally designed favicon in fact. His other advice was that my pics were good but small. I should make them larger he said. My images are sized for facebook which you might know aren't that small.

I don't think this guy even looked at my site. He just wrote something down so he could get a credit. I feel like I should get that credit back and he should learn to actually do the work.

I know this feedback thing is a gamble but it still frustrates me when these kind of people get on there when I take my time analyzing sites. If I actually see something wrong I will let the person know as I'm sure most do on here. I don't just blindly type things in like this guy.

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Mordenrose Premium
You could point out what you just sad about facebook pictures to them. I was once given feedback to do something I had not learned yet. I politely asked the person how it was done and I never got a response which indicated to me that person had never really thought about what went into what she was asking me to do.
accad Premium
Forgive him, LOL
jbguitar Premium
Oh I forgive. You can be frustrated with someone and still not be condemning them. Doing things this way is going to hurt him in the long run though.
accad Premium
You are right there are individuals I suspect they do not read the whole article and are in a hurry to post a comment.
jayhey Premium
I hear you on that I won't even give feedback unless it has happened to me before and I know how to solve it.

I myself was never good at giving feedback to other sites but I do think the best feedback you could get is honest feedback by and by

And if you talk to some of your chat they might be able to help you out with that. Just make sure you ask before PMing them for some feedback on your site.