At The Mercy Of Google

Last Update: January 02, 2017

I erased my website in Webmasters to redo it. I originally had dubs dubs at the beginning of my listing and my actual site doesn't have dubs. I did this because Google kept redirecting me every time I wanted them to crawl a new post. So I put my website in there without the www and it started crawling successfully. That's a success, right?

Well. it was a partial success, only Google now tells me that they think my website is hacked. My website is hosted here at WA under the watchful eye of the site tech guys. Apparently. since Google has my site listed as hacked and could potentially steal visitors information they have kicked all my posts to the backburner. Ugghh!

I have consulted the techs here and they know about it. I have installed a program called Wordfence to scan my site. I then filed a "Google Reconsider" request and they inform me their review can take a week or more. Yay for them. Oh well, I just wanted to vent a little.

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cwelliver Premium
And your venting is well justified. Computers are fun... Google not so much.
SamiWilliams Premium
Interesting information.
Thanks for sharing.
Heidi56 Premium
I am sorry to hear that! Whenever there are problems with Google services it is a pain in the b.... But if they work, they are grand!
I wish you have it fixed soon!
Numerous Premium
I've actually had to deal with this with a site that was legitimately hacked. It was a couple years back, but if I remember correctly Google did respond relatively quickly. I also want to say, that it didn't hurt the sites search results so to speak. The site still showed up. It just had a "This site may have been hacked" notification.

All and all not great I realize, but hopefully they'll get it straightened out quickly for you.
jbguitar Premium Plus
I'm sure they will. The waiting game isn't fun though is it?
Numerous Premium
LOL no it very much is not.