3 Ways Of Finding A Blogging Niche

Last Update: June 09, 2016

What is a niche?

According to Wikipedia. a niche is a focused, targeted market of a larger market

So do you want to find a good niche for your website? Many people find this to be the most complicated part of affiliate marketing, but finding your blogging niche doesn't have to be a huge chore like you think it would. I am about to give you some tips to find a great niche to start your site.

1. Find Your Passion

Look at what you’re interested in. Say you want to start a blog about music. Music is an ok niche, but it's too broad. You know how many different kinds of music there are. If you made a blog only about music in general you would never get done researching and writing because there is a huge amount of different kinds of music.

This is why you would drill down to things like Rock And Roll, Hip-Hop, Rap, or maybe even Polka.These are much more laser focused and can be researched much easier. See, you now have a niche. Any passion can be a profitable niche.

2. Ask Yourself This

Ask yourself this question: What Is An Idea That No One Else Has Thought Of Yet? Brainstorm ideas of things you have looked for before on the web but came up empty. This just might be profitable. If you are looking for it, then chances are good that someone else is too.

This will give you an opportunity to develope a one of a kind site that will make people very happy that it exists. They will enjoy reading it because of the originality if you make your content interesting to read.

3. Finding Resources

There are many different resources you can go to to find your blogging niche. You don't have to think up niches on your own. You can go to these places to find a niche that is already selling.

On Magazines.com you find a huge assortment of different niche topics to choose from. You can go on there and just look at the front covers to see what is trendy. These front cover article titles are designed to draw people in and not let go . Companies do thorough research and study their audience carefully to decide what would really grab their attention. They spend millions of dollars on paper alone to make their magazines. MILLIONS! They have to know their audience or they would be out of business.

DMOZ is an online directory. It is a bit outdated but can be useful as a niche finder if you know how to use it properly. You come upon the site and you see a bunch of categories. These are large markets. Much too large with too much competition. So click on it and you see subcategories. Like my music example appears under arts, click arts then music. There are a lot of categories here. You are getting closer to finding your targeted niche. It is a great way to get blogging topics too.

Trendhunter.com is a lot like Google trends, but I think it is the better of the two. You can type in your niche ideas here and it will search through what is trending that is related to that potential niche. It is jam packed with information and I really feel like I should have placed it at number one.

Your book store across town can be a good place to find a niche. You can pick a book on a topic you like and sit down and read. Maybe you are into science fiction. Science fiction books can be a niche. If you’re into sports maybe pick a particular sport like Football. Sports is too broad. As long as you limit it to a certain sport you could do good here.

Final Analysis

There are many other ways to find a niche, but I find these ways to be the easiest for me. Do you have other ideas for finding a blogging niche? If you do then I would really like to hear them.

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katzee Premium
Bound to help newbies and others looking to settle on a Niche. Thanks for sharing.
MKearns Premium
Loes recently posted a great compendium on niche ideas. Check with her.
Ultimateless Premium
All good information Jason!
JudeP Premium
Thanks for sharing :)
jrmcd1 Premium
Hi jbguitar, All good information, well put together.
I think working in a niche that you have knowledge of is best to start, you will have some expertise in the subject, if you pick a subject that you are not familiar with you will need to do a lot of research to become an expert in the field
Ideas that have been used on the early internet are likely to be out of date today due to tech changes, so maybe there are opportunities there.
Don't be deterred if others are working in the area of your ideas it all comes down to application and presentation.
Bad experiences can be a catalyst for ideas, so think about things that have not been good experiences, may lead you to a nice niche.
. John