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I just got feedback from someone telling me to get a social feedback plugin so I can share my content(I have Simply Sociable). He also told me to get a favicon( I have a favicon!) a professionally designed favicon in fact. His other advice was that my pics were good but small. I should make them larger he said. My images are sized for facebook which you might know aren't that small.I don't think this guy even looked at my site. He just wrote something down so he could get a credit. I feel like
September 19, 2017
I was looking for images to put on a blog post about a certain product. I wrote a question for the WA community on how to find images on the manufacturers website. The answer was to look for a press link or media link. So anyways I goes on over there to e-mail this company to ask if they can help. This was their response after waiting quite a bit. "Hi Jason – thank you for your patience! Regrettably we are unable to assist you with your request at this time, but will be in touch should
July 22, 2017
I know it isn't page 1, but my site is very new with only three posts on it. I followed magistudios 7 step ranking system and five hours in I am sitting at the 76th spot for a term getting 1,760,000 results! Yay me. Thanks to you Jay
Every time that I request feedback for my site people always tell me I need to put more links in. Tee shirts is my niche and it's very visual in nature. I want everyone to know that I am hearing them loud and clear about needing more image links and links in general. I really am, but that clashes with other advice though like Google not wanting you to overdo links.I am afraid that if I put more links in I will be considered a junky promotional site. I don't know the correct balance of links in
January 02, 2017
I erased my website in Webmasters to redo it. I originally had dubs dubs at the beginning of my listing and my actual site doesn't have dubs. I did this because Google kept redirecting me every time I wanted them to crawl a new post. So I put my website in there without the www and it started crawling successfully. That's a success, right?Well. it was a partial success, only Google now tells me that they think my website is hacked. My website is hosted here at WA under the watchful eye of the s
I do t-shirts as my niche, but I think typing t shirts works better for ranking than with the dash in it. Is this ok to do? Does anyone think it makes a difference?
December 18, 2016
In this training i want to discuss a little bit about a little thing called the about me page. I will tell you why it is important. I will give you some insight into what to include in your about me page to draw people to the content of your page. Making a good about page can make a website great again, or a mediocre one can break a website. So you owe it to yourself to get it rightWhy Worry About Making A Good About Page?I've been taught at Wealthy Affiliate that the most read page on a websit
December 05, 2016
One of my posts is on page three which I guess isn't bad. I do want to be on the first page someday, but I guess that will happen in time. I'm probably doing something wrong right now because none of my other posts are even in sight.I followed the low hanging fruit training. All the keywords I am using are QSR under 100. I am putting my keyword in the first couple of paragraphs. It's kind of a rut I am in. Grumble Grumble Grumble
June 12, 2016
I hope this reaches my Google+ followers, but I have changed my Google+ I.D. to
What is a niche? According to Wikipedia. a niche is a focused, targeted market of a larger marketSo do you want to find a good niche for your website? Many people find this to be the most complicated part of affiliate marketing, but finding your blogging niche doesn't have to be a huge chore like you think it would. I am about to give you some tips to find a great niche to start your site.1. Find Your PassionLook at what you’re interested in. Say you want to start a blog about music. Musi