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I was doing well until Xmas, doing posts and videos on the finer points in writing novels. I had planned to run a free online writing course but that didn't work out because of my appalling internet connection. I have cancer and the typing was becoming a real issue for me (causing too much pain) so I did a bit more research looking for an easier way and unfortunately discovered that my niche was tiny and not worth the pain trade-off. So I stopped. (Yes, I have tried Dragon Naturally Speaking b
I'm on the last section (10) of Part 2 of the online entrepreneur certificate, and I was very glad to hear Kyle finally talk about moving on to how to make money! I've got seven posts up and as many YouTube videos and I was wondering the other day, "Now what? What's the point?"I am very impatient - I know this about myself. I also know I don't suffer fools gladly, I cannot bear injustice of any sort and I'm driven to help others whenever I can. So bad and good. But I was very glad to hear tha
Google has indexed me. That's very exciting, and now all I have to do is get some more content in there for them to find. On to my next lesson...
I am officially a member... just started my first month on a discount. My only wish is that the exchange rate were kinder (US$19 = AU$29!) Thank you COVID. (Our economy is shot to h#*l - but they caught it so fast and acted so quickly to shut it all down that hardly anyone died - so that's well worth it.The hardest thing I've come up against is getting articles onto my website: And the time I wasted trying to import other people's content legally - in hindsight, I realise
Three months ago I realised I had to make some money for new cancer treatments and I started searching online. Strangely, I found WA pretty-much first, but the US$49 (AU$80ish) was daunting.I was offerred some "great" get rich schemes by people like Mosh Bari, Jono Armstrong, Billy Darr, etc. I bought about $200 worth of these platforms (money I didn't have) and tried each one, but got no results and none of the promised help from any of them. Some were such rubbish I asked for an immediate