Questions by Jaytech 29

Wordpress user profile issue, can't edit it?
I'm unable to access my user profile within my admin area, there is a…
1 year ago 27 Replies
How to create a review spreadsheet?
Ok, my current lesson in bootcamp is asking me to create a Spreadsheet…
2 years ago 16 Replies
Url's created using pretty links?
Can These links created within pretty links be used on external sites…
3 years ago 11 Replies
What kind of camera is suitable for making youtube videos?
I'm still researching what gear I'm going to need to continue with my…
3 years ago 51 Replies
How many plugins should we use?
I'm getting a lot of conflicting messages regarding plugins, the WA Site…
3 years ago 21 Replies
Sitemap submission, google plugin or all in one seo?
When I set up my sitemap I just used the functions built into "All In…
4 years ago 22 Replies
Video creation and computer requirements?
I'm a total novice in the video creation area and I'm hoping to buy a…
4 years ago 7 Replies
What obstaces are holding you back?
For me, real life has been a major obstacle the last few months. I'm considering…
4 years ago 56 Replies
I hate opt in pop ups, anybody else feel the same way?
I notice many sites these days have opt in pop ups that cover entire posts…
4 years ago 111 Replies
How to record the computer screen?
I'm hoping to get hold of a better PC soon which will allow me to make…
4 years ago 37 Replies
Is the keyword tool still down?
Well it's close to 24 hours now since the keyword tool stopped working.…
4 years ago 34 Replies
Yet another social media annoyance?
I've just set up a Twitter account for a client and when I log in there…
4 years ago 11 Replies
Is there a problem with email notifications?
I've brought in a new referral and made a sale today, but I only just…
4 years ago 26 Replies
Running a community site on wa servers?
I have a friend asking me about the servers here at WA and whether they…
4 years ago 5 Replies
Having comments turned off on a site?
I'm working on a site for a client that doesn't want comments turned on…
4 years ago 21 Replies
Making you tube videos, relevant equipment?
So, I'm interested in learning about making videos (guitar lessons) &…
4 years ago 43 Replies
How to make a comparison table?
I want to write an article comparing different companies and I wish to…
4 years ago 11 Replies
I have a problem with the activity dashboard?
I'm using a really old PC still running Windows XP and whenever I go to…
4 years ago 15 Replies
Unable to access my wa mail?
It's been down for a couple of days now, it isn't connecting. Is anybody…
4 years ago 16 Replies
Advice on article writing service?
I've recently picked up a new gig writing articles for a client, but I'm…
4 years ago 18 Replies
Twitter annoyance! setting up and personalization?
So I've joined Twitter, tweaked up the settings and tried to change the…
5 years ago 17 Replies
Google captcha during keyword research?
I've been doing some keyword research tonight (as you do at 4am on a Sunday…
5 years ago 47 Replies
Are the notifications working? it's dead here.
I've not received any notifications in close to 24 hours. I've never known…
5 years ago 65 Replies
Bizarre spam accusation please advise?
Last week I received a comment on my site from some guy using some real…
5 years ago 31 Replies
Privacy policy dispute with client?
So, I've just been on the phone with my client who's site I'm working…
5 years ago 70 Replies
Google plus and multiple sites?
In the near future I intend launching my new site & I'm curious how the…
5 years ago 33 Replies
How to use wordpress tables?
I've struggled a few times to use tables in the visual editor to spice…
5 years ago 4 Replies
Error message when trying to view sitemap?
The error message readsXML Parsing Error: no element foundLocation:…
5 years ago 3 Replies
Struggling with site structure within wordpress?
I can't find anything that explains how to put multiple posts under one…
5 years ago 9 Replies