Reviewing and Changing

Last Update: October 04, 2015

I have decided to go back and review the lessons I have done. I have found somethings that I have not carried forward in writing some of the my pages. There were many ideas I had forgotten and some I Had not picked up on. It was well worth the three days I spent in reviewing the first two courses. Not only did I make technical and comment changes but I ended up researching new information to incorporate into by website. Sometimes we have to look back at what we have done to improve in the future. I am starting to feel more confident as I move forward.

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bronco549 Premium
Yes, this works. I have done the same thing for a few of the lessons. Jim
Michelle04 Premium
Hi Gene. This is a really great idea to go back through the lessons again. I personally have gone through them a few times, and I think I catch something I missed every time! It can also give you new ideas, just as you have said. Nothing wrong with refreshing your brain! :)