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Hey I decided to remove my old progress blog, it was too meaty and personal and I am much happier with things now here at WA. Here is an update. Goals, I have been quite realistic with my goals my first goal was to break even with the fees I have been paying for WA and Jaaxy. Guess what? I have done that in the very short time I have been here. My traffic is slowly growing and I believe I can soon make more money from my affiliate links and my Google adsense. I started looking into the bootcamp
Hey guys, Christmas/holiday season is almost upon us in another 2 months, but most of us know that marketing and advertising has started already in many places. This also can be a great chance for everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate to get some extra traffic to our websites especially if our niches are product related. To get yourself benefiting from this seasonal rush you should consider getting some posts out there with related keywords. You could write posts on gift ideas, seasonal versions o
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September 25, 2014
Ive signed up for premium today and I am looking forward to working towards success