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Hey just got a spam email, these spammers are getting smarter. Has anyone ever got this, it's almost believable, but like all of these junk emails it's more than likely a fake. I'l copy and paste below. Dear friend, How are you doing and your family? I am Mr. Brendan Nelson Chairman of the Group Audit Committee Department of a Bank in London Piccadilly Circus, here in England called (Royal Bank of Scotland). I am writing you regarding a business proposal that will be of immense mutual benefit t
Hey guys I've been watching Jay's video on Webmaster tools (I still have to finish it all) And from playing around with it I have learned that the phrase "Content is King", i the most true thing you will ever learn here. If you forget many things here you should never forget that. I have seen the proof. Although my rankings are not spectacular but from looking at the stats, I have learned that the more content you add the more your other posts (overall) will rank. I have some really old pos
Hey funny story I checked my Search Queries in Google Webmaster tools and seem to be gaining a good enough ranking from a keyword I don't even have. The best ranking I have got so far actually. Average between 6-10 I have a post "What are phablets" But I have gained a ranking with the keyword "Phaplet", which is a spelling error and I completely searched my post and can't find it anywhere. When people search this word they see my site
Hey guys I just added a background to my site which I put together in PhotoScape. Its made up of a selection of phone manufacturer logos and then faded, so people can still read my content. I have it in a tiled layout on my site and not really sure what to think of it If you could check it out and let me know what you think, if maybe I should remove it or fade it more. I will be very thankful of your honest opinions Thanks Jason Update: Okay guys, thank you v
Hey guys, Just some really helpful advice Some of you need not worry about this as this is automatic in some themes. But for many like myself, you will need to do this while you are writing your posts. And I'm talking about inserting read more tags into your posts. If you do not understand what I'm talking about here is an example below highlighted in a red box Here are a few advantages of this. It tidies up your homepage. People viewing your site don't have to scroll through all posts to find
November 19, 2014
Hey guys I would like you to give a warm welcome to our latest member Ousman. He is still trying to find his way around here, so I am helping him as best I can.
Hey guys, So I have been here almost 2 months and things keep getting better and better. My site is allot better than a month ago, I have the style of it almost to my liking (Its probably good enough, I just keep dreaming up ways to improve it more), I am starting to gain a steady flow of traffic which is constantly growing, I have made my first money from Amazon, Adsense and got my first WA referral and I am set up on all social networks. I recently set up a Facebook fan page for my site and i
I'm pretty delighted I just made my first Amazon sale, allot sooner than I thought. It's only a few bucks but it lets me know my site is going the right way. Also the cents are starting to build on adsence which is good also. A message to all you who are starting out, put in the work, be patien and success will come!
I just want to give some tips to help enhance your blogging potential. You may have a subject you are going to write about in a post and you may have loads of content in your mind for your post, lets say it could add up to 2-3K words. Why not break this up into a few posts of 500-1000 words. This way you will have more pages of content, have the ability to get extra keywords in and over the course of your website if you do this with several subjects you will not run out of stuff to write about.
Hey guys. I just wanted to put together a few tips on avoiding certain habits when creating your posts. I myself am guilty of these traits and since I started to avoid them I have manged to create better content. Do all of your keyword research before you start your post. Don't be constantly flicking forward and back to Jaaxy trying to squeeze in a few extra keywords. This can lead to messy posts with more emphasis on the keywords rather than the vital content. Leave your images until the end,