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Great comments create great backlinks which in turn brings you traffic to your own site. I see on both my own and other peoples sites comments such as - "Gret content, thank you", or "Very good post keep up the good work". These are of not much value to the persons website and absolutely zero value your own. When you comment on someones site, you will be asked to type in your URL or website. So if you leave a really good comment that adds value to the post, other people will notice maybe even
GoT fans will get that reference lol. I've got a lot of comments to my site from guys here at WA asking about the Game of Thrones tour in Ireland and the castles used to film the series. Well just to keep you posted, I'm actually about to start it and show you how you can visit the real Westoros.
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Hey guys, I've just noticed something as I was posting my link to get comments. People were asking others to go in on their posts/pages and click ads. In Google's eyes this is a big no no. It actually is one of the first rules when you sign up for adsense. Do not game with adsense, go asking people to click them, click them yourself, set up ads in very imposing positions and many more, Google WILL penalize you if you are caught both with your earning and your ranking. You do not want that. We a
I just thought I would share a few tips when picking a niche. Having moved to a different niche before xmas, I have learned allot. You can make money from absolutely any niche but you need to use common sense. You can indeed make a living from any niche but you have to go about it right. Lets say I like cars, lets make a car website and sell cars. This isn't going to work. People need to see cars before they buy and it is too much money to be transferring online. "Ok this niche is not going to
After a lot of stress I finally added maps to some of my posts on my site . I wanted this for a long time and relieved that it is done. I felt it would be best if they were in the sidebar, so thankfully a fellow member here pbar47, provided a training lesson in this. I added the custom sidebar plugin, this will also be great later as I can add widgets for near by accomodation and car rental etc. Then after a lot of trial and error I finally got a plugin that was suit
January 23, 2015
Hi guys I'm here now almost 4 months, I forgot to write a blog for month 3 showing what I have achieved and future goals, so here is one that will have to cover 3 and 4. Well allot of things have changed over this past 2 months. There was a while before Christmas where I was extremely stressed out about my website . I felt really bored and drained from this niche, it was review after review after review. Each review took a very similar context, just naming out the feat
I've had a real tough week, pretty crazy actually. I am now trying to push myself to get back working on my site. Firstly the weather here was crazy here between snow and gale force winds. This created a whole heap of problems between being stranded at a friends house one night and power outages. Worst of all my little boy had a terrible accident Wednesday evening . He pulled a cup of hot tea of the counter which went all over his face and body. He had only learned to go on his tippy toes that
I have noticed allot of people with fake looking profiles writing spammy looking WA blog posts today. They have been promoting links to various add ons such as game coins for high selling video games such as Fifa 15. I am guessing they are using this as a way to rank high in google, which is very wrong in my eyes as it has nothing to do with WA. Plus most of those game hacks are illegal and may ruin a kids christmas if they go ahead and use it and then get caught. I know my little cousin is get
December 24, 2014
To all here at WA, I would like to shout out a big happy Christmas and a very prosperous new year to you and your families. I am very thankful to all of those who guided me to where I am with my sites today. Also thanks to some of you who offered support on days I was down about stuff. All the best Jason
December 02, 2014
Hey Guys Just wanted to offer a suggestion for your website posts coming up to Christmas. Who gains one of the largest percentages of the market this time of year? Yes you guessed right, the big man in red, Santa Claus. That means children's presents. Whether it be toys, games, books, dvds and loads more. So its time to cash in on this. I would recommend trying to pick something as close as possible to your niche and write a post (or a few) about it. This is only a suggestion, but h