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Yes, that is how it really is. With all the great riches accomplished in life, it came from a single idea. All the greatest people that me and you know all got their greatness from their own mind in the form of an idea. We here at WA can dig deep inside ourselves and accomplish our dreams/goals with thoughtful ideas. Let us go out there guys and make it possible!
February 07, 2015
I have been offline for quite a while now because I did not have the internet in my area and since I also moved recently, I have been quite busy with getting things arranged (it really takes a lot out of you when you relocate). I am now happy to say that I now back and ready to continue my training here at WA. It has definitely been one of the most challenging time here. It is so important to have the internet, because without it we could not do a lot of things. This now makes me more eager
November 17, 2014
Hello again all. As some you you may might know, I am a longtime admirer of Napoleon Hill and he is also one of my main inspirations. One of the most important thing that I have learned is that we are all up against time during our time on earth. Life is like a checker board and time is your opponent. Time never fails to make his move in the game and is always ready to make a move. We as its opponent have to make our move as well. Without making a move, you will fail and lose out in the
October 30, 2014
I was having a talk with one of my friend today, he had a particular project that he wanted to accomplish, however he said that he will wait until tomorrow. I thought to myself; why do so many people put things off so much waiting for the right time? I know that decision is the opposite of procrastination and it allows you to go forward in life. You either go ahead, move backward or stand still in life. Your objective should be to go ahead. It was a decision that was made on my behalf to jo
September 18, 2014
One of the most amazing things that I am grateful for is the fact that we all have the ability to control our thoughts. Whatever that you have done and is doing is solely based up off the thoughts that you have summed up in your own mind. With a positive mental attitude you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. I am very grateful that I have found WA with all its members who are very supportive and genuine. I really love the course that I am currently on. Thank you again WA for having