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There are tons of success stories from many individuals here at Wealthy Affiliate.There are people here from all different walks of life from all over the globe. The community is so vibrant and Kyle and Carson are always rolling out new features to make the community even more world class.I am so proud to be a part of this supportive community and I welcome one and all to partake in this unique opportunity.So, have you had any wealthy affiliates success stories so far? Share your unique story
There are so many people who join Wealthy Affiliate each and every day.Many who join, do enter in with the intention to make money immediately and not understanding that this is a business which will take time to grow.Some eventually do quit along the way before they start earning money. It does sadden me to know that those people have given up on a real genuine business opportunity.If you are someone who has a get rich quick mentality, Wealthy Affiliate will not work for you and is certainly
Wealthy Affiliate is no doubt one of the, if not the best affiliate marketing online training platform out there right now, hands down.Many of us here have achieved so much success by following the training diligently and applying what we have learned in our business. I know that Wealthy Affiliate does value a lot in money, so I wonder to myself if a company like say Facebook or Microsoft approach Kyle & Carson and say "I want to buy your company". What would Kyle & Carson do? Will t
Most people like seeing the success of others and some may think that success comes easy, but the truth is quite the opposite (at least in my case).Today I want to take you behind the scene of one of my page 1 ranking article. One thing you must know is that it took a lot of time and revision. It did not happen overnight nor in a day or week. It is also important to note that once you arrive at page 1, you are not destined to stay there forever. You have to keep on watching over it like a ne
March 11, 2016
I have been fortunate to find WA for the past year now, but I noticed that I have not really posted any achievements. Today I would just like to take a few minutes to reflect on some accomplishments that I have had over the year. I will be brief with it as I know that we all have our business to attend to. I see so many members here post that they have made money and many other things. I guess I am not the one to really tell people what I have achieved, however today I would like to share so
Sorry to disappoint you, but my addiction is none of the popular addiction that many have been accustomed to hearing about. No, its not any drugs, alcohol, nor gambling. I am referring to Affiliate Marketing Online. I swear to you that I am totally addicted to it!I am noticing now that every single day...and I mean every single day, I am excited to wake up to turn on my computer and start working on a new post on my website(s). As a matter of fact, I just made some tea and I am now in my kit
Do you really understand what it means to leave a comment on someone's else website?Even with great ideas like the Give And Take Comments Tread or the Share Your Beautiful Website Thread that Kyle created, a few members just do not understand that they are leaving comments on a fellow teammate's website.Our website (s) are where we put our hearts and soul into when creating content. It is just not acceptable for someone to come to a website with comments such as "Nice website" or "Great Post"
I have been in this community for over 1 year. I wanted to thank Kyle personally for what he has done to change my life. I have learned so much here. This is where I got the fundamentals of affilaite marketing. I had no idea that I would be building websites and monetizing them. I have not only learned to monetize my websites, but how to be a better human being. Kyle, you do not only help us to make money. You help us to become better people. Thank you again sir for all your hard work
I wrote a simple post on this same question on my website. If anyone at all is here within WA and do not know how to do this visit the page below to learn how to do so: I hope that someone will find value in this, it is actually very easy to do. Take care now everyone. Best,Jason.
I would like to remind everyone here if you did not already know, that to be original in all your creation is important on the road to success. Many people do make the common mistake in starting out in a business and copy what others are already doing. Even though Kyle teaches us how we can create a business, he does not mean that you should copy other people's ideas. When you are original, you will stand out from the rest. You have your own mind to create whatever it is that you want to cre