Nearly 370,000 Visitors.

Last Update: May 28, 2017

I'm unsure what made me want to dig into my site's analytics tonight, but as I was looking at some numbers, I noticed that my site has had nearly 370,000 visitors thus far:

To me, this is amazing!

The site is about 1 year and 4 mos. old. I did use a different domain for several months before transferring to a new domain (which has the stats above). The site was previously getting anywhere between 50-200 visitors per day.

Also, I do not pay for ads. You can see the amount of organic visits below.

The fact that I was able to attract so many people to a single website, in what feels like a short time, is what amazes me the most.

I am coming up on 2 years here at Wealthy Affiliate as a member. Prior to joining I knew ZILCH about online business, never heard of affiliate marketing, and I had no background in marketing or business in general.

I say this all the time to stress that if I can figure it out, I know you can and will too.

Things to keep in mind.

  • More visitors does not always equal more money

    - Of course you will need visitors/customers to see your business. But floods of traffic doesn't necessarily translate to floods of money. It's important to understand your audience, to speak their language, and to provide them with helpful advice, info, products and services.
  • "If you build it, they will come".

    - While 300,000 visits is 'child's play' to some, 300 visits would mean the world to others right now. You may have noticed that having a website, doesn't mean people will automatically be able to find it.

    If you are struggling with gaining traffic to your website, my advice is to ensure that you are doing proper keyword research (as per the training) prior to creating content, and to keep creating content. This method works and is free.
  • I remember the days (not too long ago) of having 0 visitors, then 5-10, then 50-100, and so on. Stick with it. You will have your breakthrough moment.

Thanks to the training here at WA, I can proudly call myself an online business owner. This was all confusing to me at first and I still have lots to learn but overall I am happy with my progress here.

Just wanted to share and give you all a quick update. I'll see you around the community!

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Jaclow Premium
This is amazing ! Congratulation
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Thank you, Jacqueline.
pablocortina Premium
Thank you for the encouragement and congratulations
JasonHeard Premium Plus
Thanks Pablo!
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Jason, you're always so inspiring to me! Thanks!
JasonHeard Premium Plus
I appreciate that Jerry. Thank you.
NatNiches Premium
That's brilliant progress to see Jason - That's a lot of visits!
JasonHeard Premium Plus
More to come!
BigEvent Premium
Thanks Jason, I needed a little boost to keep going!
JasonHeard Premium Plus
You got this!