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September 08, 2015
When it comes to the formula of success, so many people think there is some secret ingredient.....and there's you!If you need a little lift me up, watch the clip below below(not an affiliate link) only 1:03 long: you enjoyed it!
I have been in business for over 10 years and along 3 different industries. I know what it feels like when you "feel" like you are getting no results. It's easy to say to your self, "Well, I made it this far....or at least I tried, I can stop now." And most people out there would even agree with you, but remember if it were easy, then every blogger would be Wealthy! Yet the Statistic are that only 3% of bloggers make a full-time income. I know you are one of those 3%....but when you don't
Ok gang, I really need your help...seriously. I have already asked this question and have yet to get an answer.When I share a post on FB or other social media sites here is what FB pulls up automatically and doesn't allow me to edit:I just want it to say "ClickBank University Review: Is It for you? but after it is has my website name "Best Online Marketing System" back to back and I don't like that.Can anyone please share with me how I edit that?Any help is greatly appreciated! :-)
To answer that question myself, it was within my first month, but that is because the guy works with me and we had already been talking about starting a business online. So even though I am happy to receive the monthly affiliate commission, my real question above refers more to making your first commission from real genuine traffic because of your blog. I am wrapping up course 3 and have not seen anything yet nor do I expect to until I have around 90-100 posts on my blog, based on Kyle's numbe
March 22, 2015
Did anyone else have a good spring break out there? I had 2 brother in laws come visit me in Texas, from out of state, back to back weeks.....and although it was a blast, I am ready to get back into our routine and back to building my business. I found it very difficult to try and write any new post these past 2 weeks. Normally I will put out a new post every couple of days. This was the longest I have gone since I started last year in the middle of November. So what about you? How do you g
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So I just had this idea. I haven't even started it yet, but I just told my wife about it so that means I am serious and about to take action. If you are already to at least Course 1, Lesson 8, in your training, then you are starting to understand how valuable the WA community really is. The Power of the Community Within WA Not only can you get tons of help and questions answered, which is essential when you are new to anything, but to be able to have the community read your pages and posts, ma