One year at WA!

Last Update: May 16, 2020
One year at a time!

Janie is out of the bottle...
still confused, but working on it.

My website has 41 articles, most of them ranking on Google.

I struggle with creating an email list and finding the right affiliate programs. Amazon let me go. So currently I am applying to anything musical.
What I am looking for are quality flutes, tuners, metronomes, music stands, stand lights, magnets, piccolo flutes and ear plugs.

Because the only working link on my website is to my own YouTube channel, not much of a business going on. But I am sure that with WA's training and this awesome community, I will figure out how to turn my passion into a business.

Ups and downs in my determination, but never quit!

I read about people who make their sales after a few months... But hey, they probably weren't living in a bottle and they don't play the flute!

Stay safe and sound,
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CStauber Premium
Hey Janie, way to hang in there. I didn't realize that you started that much before me. Wow! A whole year. Your writing has improved so much in that year ad I know your knowledge has. As some of us say in America, Keep on truckin'. You will soon be in the money.

Take care
JanieTH Premium
Thank you, Charlotte!
Best wishes to you, too
EdwinBernard Premium
Hey Janie, so glad to hear from you. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

Have you thought about including musical instrument affiliate companies? They can be orchestra related instruments since you perform in one.

Of course, sheet music is another one that must have affiliate programs. Perhaps you can look into novelties like rare manuscripts that are on the market through companies with affiliate companies.

These are just a few ideas. I know you have the knowledge and ability to write great content that can help your visitors decide if purchasing any of these items is a decision they should make.

i think I told you I have a YouTube Channel that promotes young artists. This is not currently intended to earn money for me, although I have earned a few bucks. It is more of a hobnby.

However, I have bought a domain using its name that I will eventually use to enter a niche in the musical sphere. Don't know exactly what yet. But it will be fun brainstorming this avenue.

I am waiting to make my MMO site a success first before launching that website. Then I can use the experience gained here to get into something I am really passionate about.

What am I saying. Shouldn't I be doing that now? OK I am going to modify my plans to launch that website after I hit 100 posts in my MMO site. I need 35 more posts to get there.

If you wish to do some brainstorming with me on your niche please feel free to do so.

All the best to you.

JanieTH Premium
Awesome, Edwin! Thank you so much!!! I didn't know about your musical aspirations and honestly had forgotten about the YouTube channel. Can I help you with anything?
I'd love a good brainstorm together!!!

I have returned to Italy for 3 days (without Quarantine), so those days are quite busy, till I get back to my Swiss solitude on Thursday. If anytime after Thursday is good for you, we should absolutely brainstorm together.

I have been accepted into Woodwind and Brasswind and music sheet plus in the meantime. With all the great advice from WA! So I have written a few articles. I have no idea if I write to sell or just to chat away and if it is working in anyway.

But I can feel that it is slowly taking off.

So happy and overwhelmed that I was able to travel to Italy for 3 days, take my car after 3 months from the airport in Rome.....go home and see my friends.
What a weird moment,
Talk to you soon
Chris737 Premium
Congratulations on one year at WA! While it may not have gone the way you wanted to brand awareness may be a key thing to get your name out there. I’m sure you’ve got contacts in the musical world to leverage off and perhaps collaborate with to get you going.

It’s just a case of where does your audience go and sit and get in amongst them.

All the best with it.
JanieTH Premium
Very good advice, received!!! Thank you very much,
Best wishes
Jude81 Premium
Happy 1year anniversary Janie 🎉. I love your attitude and a good sense of humour. I am not able to play the flute-like you but I may have been living in a bottle too lol. I am sure you will win, you are just laying a sustainable foundation 💜
Have a great day. Jude
JanieTH Premium
Thanks, Jude!! I can tell that you are awesome, you'd probably be a fantastic flutist in another life, hahah
Have a fantastic start into the week!
Babou3 Premium
It's really good to have done it all in a year. Your niche is very special and targeted which is good because when you find your audience and you can really share your passion, they will be very loyal to you. So keep hanging on. The path is zigzag, but that's what will make the beauty of your success.

JanieTH Premium
So true!!! And very happy to talk to you again, I have been missing being active and exchanging ideas. You are awesome and a good motivational comment, thanks from the heart