La dolce vita - and then?

Last Update: October 14, 2019

So, I have been living in Italy for 18 years now.

You could say I majored in living in Italy this year two weeks ago.

Today 18 years ago I met this Italian man,
Carlo... fantastic, a lot of curly hair and a light in his eyes that could be used in a lighthouse and it would have saved the life of o so many sailors.

Needless to say, I fell in love and stayed around.
He was so full of joy and life and he would cook for me. Whenever I offered to cook, he would say: "o please, don't. You Germans put cheese and milk everywhere, even on fish!"
I would forgive him, even if you insulted my whole nation, which I betrayed happily more out of laziness and gluttony, than out of pride for the German cuisine....

It is time for an Italian love story

So you all know by now that I'm a musician. I had been part of the Bonn Youth Orchestra and had forgotten to tell them that I was trying out the Italian life. No love yet in sight, just a bachelor in biotechnology in English in Italy. I had run off, as always, to anywhere else but prey, rainy and full-of-rules-but-no-life-Germany.

They had offered free food and free housing for that course in central Italy. I thought "why not", and my mom said" if you are happy" that hadn't been difficult!

After a week the orchestra called, I hadn't been to practice.

I said that unfortunately I was in Italy and unable to attend. They replied, no problem we will come next week !!!
And that was that...
The explanation is simple. The sister of the conductor, crazy and competent as can be had met a tour guide and this tour guide made her brother's youth orchestra come and play in his home town which happened to be just one hour by train, would you have investigated on what this sister had done to that tour guide?.... no. Why? why should you...
So what? Destiny?

I answered that I would be there.

As the orchestra left after a week at night to go back to good- old- well- functioning- Germany I was left behind. Guess with whom?

Right the curly hair, shining eyes tour guide in his jeans jacket
Funny thing he couldn't show me to his family so I visited his garage and made friends with their dog until he came back with plenty to eat. As if we had to feed a whole orchestra, which had left anyway, I was there, 19 years old, left to be fed to this Italian miracle...

Anyway, we left in a sugar and wheat mission
to ... his apartment. Where we detail on that.
Just imagine, he was so confused the next day, he put petrol in his diesel car and risked to not get to work.
He left me in an intersection close to where I had to go to attend university lessons ....
on how to treat well rats that you are going to kill without letting them suffer. Right?
Yes you guessed it I never got there....
I spent the whole day thinking about this weird and fantastic feeling, this absolutely flawed but yet fantastic man had left on me.

Forget rats, research, mice and proteins. I wanted life!

That is actually why I'm here. I have always loved life to its core and enjoyed every bit of it.
So this is part 1 one of the story that is to be continued as life goes on.

I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any advice, please leave it in the comment section below.
If you like my story, the Italian Tour Guide, or just me putting myself out there,
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I'd be more than happy to engage in a conversation about this post, as it is as real as it gets and my life to the bone,

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cliffordjack Premium
Hello Janie, I am loving your love story, I can't wait until the next post...
JanieTH Premium
Thank you for feedback, next part is coming tomorrow!! Stay tuned
Mike177 Premium
Hi, Janie-

Yes, I love your story about how you came to be in Italy and the Italian tour guide!
I'm American and here, it wouldn't be unusual for an American to say that they're "German", meaning an American whose parents or ancestors came from Germany.
I thought that's what you meant when you mentioned that you were German-an American of German ancestry. The reason I thought that is because of your command of the English language.
Your knowledge and use of English is remarkable-especially considering that you are living in Italy. It's amazing.
All the best,
JanieTH Premium
Hi Mike!
That is funny, I had no idea. I really just meant that I've actually been born in Germany and raised by German parents.
Thank you so much for your compliment on my English.

I do not feel that way, but I love your language and languages in general. Have to admit that I do watch all the movies and film series in original language, most of them being in English....maybe that explains some expressions that I use.
I'm aware however that I do mix up English from the UK and American English as well as Australian English (I spent three months in Sydney when I was 16) and that might account for some curious blends...

Thank you for connecting and commenting, appreciate it!
All the best to you too,
FKelso Premium
Waiting for the next installment
JanieTH Premium
Coming soon!! ;)
WMarshall1 Premium
What a great beginnin, of i am sure a fabulous love story.
JanieTH Premium
You will see... to be continued...!!!
Love and baci
JanieTH Premium
Beautiful family, that you are, this is just a true glimpse at what brought me to Italy from the beginning. Today is the day that I met Carlo, my first and most important love of all. 18 years ago. He is with someone else now, but we are really good friends and this episode has been important to both of us.
Love and peace