Janie in a bottle - 12 step process of publishing

Last Update: October 30, 2019
Janie in a bottle

Haha, this is true in so many ways!!
More the bottle part,
not the one where you rub the bottle and I fulfill your wishes...
I can't even fulfill my own!

But this is where you come in, my faithfuls fancy fantastic frenetic friends!
This post is to thank you all for the help you have given me for setting up my website and decorating it with contact forms, cookie plugins and affiliate disclosure etc

Enough of the boring stuff
Let's have some fun and create more content. I do not know about you,
but when I start to write it is as if a genie had taken over the bottle and I can't stop.
I love that feeling. Guess that is what is generally being referred to as being in the zone, in the forever box, or in flow state.

Amazing but mind the steps - note to myself
I might be asking myself in a week or two what I'm going to write right now. So if I can't keep track, please remind me of my own post!

This is for myself and newbies or just chaotic artistic people like me:

A 12 step checklist on the process of publishing content:

Content creation

1. Find a SEO friendly keyword (one is enough) on Jaaxy. Be sure it makes grammatical and human sense. Put it in your title, meta title and the first paragraph.
Remember that numbers in the title help to rank and also "how to...." statements. Furthermore, a negative exclamation catches the readers eye better than a positive one. Sad but true.
I didn't bother too much about this and with good keyword research, I have ranked page one twice in the last few days.

2. Think about what could help people around this keyword, what they might look for and put it through the drop down "people also asked" google search to see what they are actually searching for.

3. Make sure you thoroughly know the answer to that question (research) and also other 5 related ones. Make short sentences to enhance readability and short paragraphs with evenly distributed headings. You might want to add your keyword again versus the end and in the middle, but only if it makes sense to your overall message. Google knows! (uhuhuh)

4. Add relevant images, at least 3 and also a featured image (later on WP). Be sure to fill out the ALT text and put your keyword in at least two of them (if it makes sense and is related to the image).

5. Add outbound and internal links. Interlink your pages and put at least one link (Wikipedia etc if you do not have more relevant links).

6. ABC spelling check!!! Do it before you publish as on WP you would need a plugin.


7. Hit save and publish!

8. On WP control the canonical URL. Add a category, meta-description, title and tags as well as a featured image.

9. Add your affiliate links and call to action into the HTML and decide whether you wish the re="no follow" tag to those.

10. Backup the post, download or save it to an external storage.

11. Submit the URL to Bing webmasters and Google Search Console (create an account if you haven't done that) and ask for indexing. You can also resubmit your sitemap (don't have to enter the URL again as you can simply tick the box next to the sitemap index and sitemap post and then click resubmit at the top. This just accelerates your indexing and lets you know right from the start if there is a general problem with indexing it, as first thing it does is checking "indexability".

12. Copy the URL of your new post and ask for comments on Kyle's fantastic comment threat:


It is called give and take so make sure your comments are relevant, thorough and state something personal in relation to the post your are commenting on.

You will receive what you give!

So that's all from Janie and the bottle tonight, my formidable forgiving folks,

Hope to have added some value and brought at least myself closer to not loosing any time when preparing an article. Check!

Let me know if I could help you and what you think of my personal checklist!

I can always try with the bottle, cheers!!
I mean one of those, what did you think??!!


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Mike177 Premium
I just got the 12 Step in a bottle. You are something else!
JanieTH Premium
This time, I'm sure I can be happy and laugh 🤗 🤩
Thank you so much for looking out for me,
From the heart,
CordeliaN Premium
You are a busy bee tonight, (10pm here uk time)
Great post really helpful,
So now you have your contact page, what are you going to do with your contacts, are you sending a newsletter? I have not yet decided to venture down that path quite yet. Am still trying to do my “quality, killer content” posts.

Of your 12 step process (which is so eloquently written) could you possibly explain no8 and 9 a little more
No 8 the canonical url, adding the meta tags, (where) did I miss that bit of Kyle’s training?

No 9 decide if we wish for the re=follow tag.... (I’m a bit lost here) is that when you choose to tick (say the privacy page) don’t follow or whatever google does to crawl the page? Or have I got that horribly wrong?

Sorry to ask...😳
JanieTH Premium
My friend, sorry for the late answer!! I thought I answered, but must have not sent it...
I'm so glad you enjoyed my post and the 12 steps...
About the contacts, I'm not sure anyone will find my page, I will think about that in a second step. Probably I'll make a list and sent out new posts to their emails.
But I'm seeing that every step I go further I need one more plugin...
Now I'm told by our fantastic helpful friends here that I need an antispam plugin for the contact form.
So adding the contact form I add 3 plugins so far...
Where is this gonna go?
JanieTH Premium
To get to your other question which I'm grateful you asked:
Depends on the SEO plugin, I use YOAST, I still remember some of the ALL IN ONE I had before.
With ALL IN ONE there is a check box to click which says to use the permalink as canonical URL. This leads back to your page.
YOAST has a text for inserting the URL you find at the top. They say that if you don't it takes the permalink in default but I have seen that adding it manually helps indexing.
The meta description is what shows beneath the title on a google search and in YOAST it shows you what it actually looks like and if it's too long. In ALL IN ONE I remember there was a box to fill in the text below the actual post.
I hope this was helpfule?
JanieTH Premium
The nofollow tag is not that important. It is added automatically in the text version of your posts when somebody comments. You can manually add it to your affiliate links when you insert them in the HTML text version of your post. https://www.affiliatemarketertraining.com/no-follow-affiliate-links/ Hope this answers some of the questions?
Let me know,
Love Janie
CordeliaN Premium
Thank you Janie,

All three answers really useful, re doing the training
Mike177 Premium
Hi, Janie-
What can I say-this list is fantastic for someone like myself who is just really getting started.
I'm bookmarking it. Some of the stuff is a little advanced for me right now but I'm close to getting there.
Thanks so much on behalf of the downtrodden affiliate marketers like myself(lol).
Your pal,
JanieTH Premium
Thank you Mike,
I'm so happy that I could help you too, for once.
You have been fantastic!
Let me know when you have a question with one of the steps.

Thank you again,
Mike177 Premium
Hi, Janie-
Thanks for all of the nice words. I'm happy that I was able to help you.
I will take you up on your offer to help. I published several posts and did not do an ABC spell check. There must be some way to do a spell check on Word Press. Do you or any of your readers know anything about that.
Your ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance, Janie.
David960 Premium
Thanks for the reminder of the steps.
JanieTH Premium
Happy I could help!
JanieTH Premium
Thank you Jeff!!!
From the heart, not the bottle 😍