I don't feel comfortable driving my business without an exam and license!

Last Update: December 29, 2019

Do you remember the first time you got into the driver's seat of a car?

I do. It was scary, and everything I did had a consequence. When I pushed a pedal the whole thing abruptly moved and made loud sounds. I didn't have any feeling of how big it was, of the size to the sides of the road and of other drivers. It was big and scary.

But what do we do to learn? We drive.

We drive and drive on. Every time we automate some movements and group together some things to do (put on the lights, start the car, indicate, look in the mirrors, move and steer). This helps us feel more comfortable on the road and consider getting into a sort of traffic rhythm with the rest of the population on the road!

What don't we do?

We do not try to study the motor, mechanics and why it is working. Why we put in gasoline and what actually makes the whole thing move. (At least I didn't!) We trust the process, we see others drive and get used to the fact that it works. We do not need to become mechanics.

So why am I telling you this?

Because it is the same with an online business. You do not have to be a tech savvy, understand all the mechanisms. You need to trust the process and learn how to steer and fit into the traffic. Learn to push the buttons and indicators and move!

You do not even need a license.

All you need is practice, some road rules and trust in the process!

I am telling this mainly to myself. As I tend to over complicate and not move at all.

I know this is harder than driving a car, because in my example you can actually see yourself moving and leaving a spot right away.

But hey, you can do the same with your traffic online using the right web tools and analytics.

You are moving! Without leaving your laptop.

But rest assured, you are moving and every key stroke has consequences.

So to all who are like me, overwhelmed with the information and wishing to understand everything before moving, get into your car and follow the instructions.

Over and over again. Then automate the process and do it all again.

You will be surprised how far you have moved, once you check on your traffic.

For any questions or doubts, you don't have just one instructor, you have a whole tribe from all over the world, so get into that car you purchased and

start driving!

To a splendid 2020!!!


Lady Jane

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Wdcope Premium
Great approach to online learning! If we don't even attempt how can we move forward for sure.
JanieTH Premium
Thank you, all the best for an epic 2020!!
Fireball799 Premium
Hi Lady Jane. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. What you wrote is spot on! We tend to overanalyze things and then get frustrated. Keep it simple...Trust the process, trust the people on this team and don't reinvent the wheel because a round wheel has proven to work just fine.

JanieTH Premium
Wonderful analysis!! Thank you for your kind words and awesome comment,
Victigator Premium
JanieTH Premium
MHernandez24 Premium
Hi Jane,

You explain it very well, start with the basic and as you go just keep practicing it over and over until you start doing it automatic and eventually you will learn more as you.

This is a great start for a new year and a new you.

JanieTH Premium
Fantastic comment! Thank you so much,
Cheers to 2020
cbednar74 Premium
Excellent Post Janie! You are right we have all the tools, help, and platform we need to drive our success with training, tutorials, video's, answers to all of the questions,etc. as the groundwork that's been laid down for everyone's potential success!

Happy New Year and Here's to driving to Everyone's success in 2020 and beyond Beep Beep Beep Beep Yeah!

JanieTH Premium
Cheers and Beeps to you too!!!
To an epic 2020 🍻🍻🍻
CathyAllen Premium
Try telling that to my ex-husband! jk
He was/is a great mechanic but a lousy driver. I'm the opposite. I can't even change the oil, but I know why it's in there.
As for my business, I wouldn't be able to maintain a website for anything without Site Support! I can't code to save my life, but my website is up and running!
Thank you for always offering your ray of sunshine when the day starts to turn gray. :)
JanieTH Premium
I am so happy to be a ray of sunshine to you, that is awesome!!
Have a wonderful start to 2020 and up the driving,
AlexEvans Premium
Once we know how to drive we just jump in and drive, we get better the more we drive, as long as we have been taught correctly in the first place, otherwise, we are just parroting other's bad driving habits.

The cool thing about WA is that we are learning some good driving habits.

The best way to get better is just to drive, those online presence's and take them to the place over the horizon where all our dreams live.

Great post, Jaine, and best wishes or 2020.

JanieTH Premium
Thank you so very much and only the very best to you, too!!
Cheers to an awesome new year 🍻🍻